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Zoned Air Conditioning

Brutal summer months in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC area can wreak havoc on your home’s ability to cool all of the rooms in your home adequately. Some parts of your home may be shaded by trees while other parts are directly in the sunlight. Obviously, rooms with direct sunlight will experience temperature differences compared to the rooms in other parts of your home that may be shaded.  If you have difficulty keeping your home comfortable due to this you may be a good candidate for installing a zone heating and cooling system.

zoned air conditioning

A zoned heating and air system can provide comfort individually for each of the room or zones you wish to have separate heating or cooling for.  This can be beneficial for many factors.  One example being if you have a two-story home and you would like further control over the temperature in the second floor rooms during the summer.  Another example, you or your loved ones may not enter certain rooms or zones of the home during the day and there is no need for heating or cooling those rooms or zones.

One Call Heating & Air’s professional technicians provide expert installation, maintenance and repair for zoned heating and air conditioning for our clientele in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC area.

Advantages of Zone Heating & Cooling Systems

One of the most attractive offerings of having zone HVAC system in your home is the additional savings you can reap from saving on wasteful energy. Below are the advantages you can expect to experience by having a zoned system in your home.

  • A zoned system can lower your home’s cost of heating or air conditioning by as much as 30 percent. This is all accomplished through the ability to customize temperature settings in the home as needed. For example, you may have unused rooms in your home such as a guest room that goes unoccupied for the majority of the year and it will not need nowhere near the heating or cooling of other rooms in the house. You could also program your bedrooms with your programmable thermostat to turn on at certain times in the day or the night right before you will go to sleep to save on energy costs.
  • Programmable thermostat settings allow each room or zone to have precise control over the temperatures. Zoned systems take advantage of multiple thermostats that are linked to a control panel. Allowing for each member of the household to have personal control over the temperatures in their space for their own precise levels of comfort.
  • A zoned system operates at lower speeds which also mean less noise.
  • You do not need a new home in order to take advantage of a zoned system as it is applicable in existing homes as well.

Installing a Zoned Air Conditioning System

Zone heating and air systems provide beneficial energy savings that is too hard to ignore. With the ability to individually control the temperatures in each room or zone in your home it is hard to pass up. If you would like to learn more about how this can help you and would like to talk to a representative for One Call Heating & Air do not hesitate to give us a call.

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