Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Whole home surge protection installation
whole house surge protector install cost

When I get my home surge protector installation what can I expect?

A power surge is an unexpected rise in voltage, which considerably exceeds the standard 120 volts. Whenever a power surge occurs, the wiring within your devices overheats and begins to burn up. Lots of modern homes have a great deal of expensive and important electronics and appliances, televisions, stereos, phones, including computers, and microwaves that may benefit from a whole house surge protector. Additionally, lots of gadgets have circuitry or maybe microchips, which are particularly vulnerable to fluctuations in voltage.


In case you would like to safeguard devices plugged into outlets everywhere in the house since you have a house office or perhaps since you have a lot of pricey electronics, schedule a whole house surge protection installation. It is truly the most dependable method to preserve your appliances and devices.


One of the more typical reasons for power surges will be the operation of heavy-duty electric devices. Refrigerators, air conditioners, along with clothes dryers are only a couple of massive devices that call for a considerable amount of power to swap motors and compressors on and off. Toggling high power products and tools are able to produce serious demands for power, which may interrupt the continual flow of voltage in the power system. The following may additionally cause power surges: defective power wiring, downed power lines, and issues with utility company’s lines, transformers, or maybe several other elements.  Lightning is likewise a rare cause of power surges. Lightning could boost electric pressure in wiring by huge numbers of volts, overwhelming even the very best power strip style surge protector.

If you hear the words “surge protector,” you most likely imagine a power strip with many devices plugged into it. Surge protectors work by passing electric current from the power outlet on the equipment plugged into the strip. A spike or surge above the specified amount will cause the surge protector to immediately transport the excess electricity into metal oxide varistors (MOVs) inside the electrical power strip. Home power strips offer limited protection for products and, in most cases, has to be replaced after a single power surge.

What can a whole house surge protector cost and are there different options?


When thunder rolls and lightning strikes, are you going to be ready for the power surges that follow? If you imagine storm-proofing your house, power surge protection might not be the very first thing that will come to mind. Nevertheless, getting caught in a power surge during a storm with no protection might give you some very costly, pretty ineffective electronics. The least expensive options are not usually the very best options. Numerous homeowners have the concept that surge protection is only a situation of plugging their devices to a low cost, multi-outlet surge suppressor. Nevertheless, we all realize that the least expensive alternative is not often the most effective choice, and making exceptions is able to result in costly consequences in the long haul. 


Whole house surge protector installation cost outweighs replacement costs. When you consider it, adding surge protection for your home costs little in comparison to the replacement of your respective appliances. One surge is able to follow any wire into a home and threaten cable lines, phone, satellite systems, appliances, computers, and televisions, and every other electronic device you can imagine. The expense of replacing a single huge home appliance like a washer or maybe dryer will probably set you back double the investment of a whole house surge protector. As per the Insurance Information Institute, insurers paid more than $673 million in lightning claims in 2013 alone. In the three years prior, approximately one billion dollars was paid yearly to policyholders.

whole home surge protection install

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Whole house surge protectors are employed in very much the exact same manner, though they’re designed to handle numerous power surges over the course of countless years. Additionally, they protect all the gadgets and devices receiving electricity from the power panel it is wired to. Whole house surge protectors are an intelligent method to hold all of your sensitive electronics and also valuable appliances secure from electric surge damage.


Schedule your whole house surge protector install service now by calling the experts. In case you are prepared to update your home’s surge protection, contact One Call Heating and Air. We do whole house surge protectors installation in a friendly and fast fashion. Before you realize it, your entire house is going to be shielded from power surges.