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Whole House Surge Protector

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What is a whole house surge protector and why do I need it?  

A whole house surge protector is a device installed to safeguard all of the devices in your house from virtually any electric spikes by restricting unnecessary electric current through blocking its flow or even shorting it on the ground. They usually have a characteristic known as metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to safeguard you against the rise. Thus, if a power surge happens, the unit is going to keep every dangerous electric current from destroying your home devices. The surge protector whole house is generally installed hooked up to a home’s power service box. 

Power surges can enter your house through electric systems like communication connections, network, cable, solar, generator, pool pump, and, most importantly, surge protector secures your HVAC systems. So each one of these devices’ exterior and interior should be protected. Besides the unit actually being placed on the primary electrical panel, we additionally recommend adding safety products to appliances (which is one thing we are able to further assist you with).

Is a panel surge protector and home surge protector the same?


With regards to residential use, you will find two main kinds of surge protectors:


Service Entrance Surge Protector – A Service Entrance Surge Protector is the biggest and most long-lasting class of surge protectors you are able to obtain for the residential house. They’re usually installed close to the main electrical meter or panel. Power exits the primary distribution transformer, enters the surge protector, and makes surge protected breaker, protecting electronic devices from damaging surges that originate from somewhere aside from the power system.


Point of Use Surge Protector – Point of Use Surge Protectors may usually plug right into a wall outlet and can safeguard all higher-priced products, such as TV and even computers. While these work properly for smaller electric devices, they’re powerless to guard your house against a power surge.



Whole Home Surge Protector – Created to slip inside your principal breaker box, this can be personalized to safeguard a private circuit or maybe each circuit in your house. They protect your home against surges equally small and large, to the degree based on the product that you chose to opt for. Our expert electricians at One Call Heating and Air can enable you to locate an ideal total house surge safety system for your house, which means you are able to rest easy knowing all of your pricey electronics and appliances are protected.

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What changes after I receive whole house surge protection from you?


With a whole home surge protection system installed from One Call Heating and Air, you are able to prevent harm to pricey electronics, including personal computers or TV’s, along with other expensive household appliances. When power surges occur, they are able to destroy other items in your house, such as light switches, electric outlets, air conditioning, garage door openers, bulbs, and much more, that will surely begin to add up. As smart homes become the trend nowadays, and also offer far more smart electric functions, having a power strip for each outlet in your house is just not a realistic or convenient choice. By allowing one of our technicians to put in a whole house surge protection system, you are able to safely and simply guard each electric device inside your house, including entertainment electronics, security systems, medical equipment, personal computers, and emergency electronics.  

Our whole house surge protection installation is going to protect the above-mentioned appliances from the following: power surges, lightning strikes, downed power line surges, blown transformers, and reconnection surges.