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What are Thermostats?  

If you have specific cooling and heating needs to be able to be comfortable, then you have probably spent a while looking at and operating your house thermostat. This useful little gadget controls the heating and air conditioning systems within your house—the two equipment which makes use of the most power, as well as the ones which have the most considerable influence on your quality and comfort of life. In these days of growing energy costs, you may be interested in finding out how your thermostat works. Truth be told, it is surprisingly simple and possesses some very cool technology.


Modern-day heating controllers are virtually solely electronic, but before we reach those, we need to travel down memory lane and consider the components of a non-digital wall thermostat that you may nonetheless see in older homes & motels. Let us begin with the mercury switch—a glass vial with a little quantity of legitimate mercury inside. Mercury is a liquid metal—it conducts electrical energy and flows like water. Within the glass vial are three wires. One wire goes all of the way across the bottom part of the vial; therefore, the mercury is constantly in touch with it. One cable ends on the left aspect of the vial, thus when the vial tilts on the left, the mercury contacts it, making contact between this cable and also the one on the bottom part of the vial. The third cable ends on the right side of the vial; therefore, when the vial tilts to the right, the mercury makes contact between this cable and also the bottom wire. 

What is the difference from a regular thermostat and wireless thermostats?  

The thermostat in your house allows you to manage the temperature by regulating your AC or heater. In general, these thermostats are wired straight to your HVAC system. A wireless thermostat, nonetheless, enables you to manage the heat inside your house, making use of your smartphone or smart device with a wireless connection to the internet. Certain apps additionally enable you to remotely manage your wireless thermostat even if you are not home through the thermostat controller. Carrier WiFi thermostat is an example of this.


Among the primary factors for selecting a wireless thermostat is it enables you to program your house’s temperature to complement your routine, like Carrier programmable thermostat. Basically, it allows you to utilize less energy cooling or even heating your house when you are not there, or to set the temperature before you can get home. 


With wireless thermostat control, you are able to instantly regulate the heat in your house to maximize coziness and efficiency. The thermostat is going to adjust the heat setting for you personally; therefore, you do not need to be concerned in case you forgot to switch off the A/C before leaving, for example. And making your house more energy-efficient saves you money each month.

Types of thermostats
THERMOSTAT installation

What brands of home thermostats do you carry?

The group of HVAC professionals at One Call Heating and Air provide reliable and efficient thermostat services for nearly any brand you might have. Whether you need assistance replacing or even repairing your Toptech thermostat or Maple Chase thermostat, our staff is prepared to assist you. Our technicians are really knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced in all HVAC services. We continue receiving continuous training to ensure we’re up-to-date on the very best HVAC strategies. We offer every one of our clientele with top-notch customer service, dealing with them with honesty and respect, along with providing pricing that is reasonable. We all know your time and effort is valuable, which means you are able to constantly count on our team to arrive promptly to scheduled appointments.

How to tell if your AC thermostat is having issues  

When your thermostat is in good condition, but you feel it must be repaired, our staff is able to inspect it and figure out what the issue is. Leaving repairs to our staff is going to ensure your heating and cooling process is operating as efficiently as you can. One of the more common thermostat issues happens when it does not manage the temperature properly, or maybe it makes extreme temperature swings. For Honeywell thermostat troubleshooting or repair, contact us immediately. We can also provide you thermostat replacement cost over the phone.


If your thermostat does not manage the AC or perhaps warming conditions in your house, it may be dirty, tilted on the wall, or perhaps situated exactly where it cannot obtain a good reading. When you are working with extreme temperature swings, it can be brought on by your oil- or gas-burning furnace cycles; therefore, your thermostat might require an easy adjustment. Regardless of what thermostat issue you are facing, our team at One Call Heating and Air is able to help you get back your home’s comfort.