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Surge Protection Products and Services in Charleston, Mount Pleasant SC and Surrounding Areas

Surge Protection

From televisions to hair dryers and phone chargers, the average home in South Carolina is jam-packed with appliances and electronics. Whatever their size or purpose, all have one thing in common: the need for a steady supply of electrical current. Even a small surge in electrical power can damage, degrade or destroy your devices. At One Call Heating and Air, our surge protection services and products safeguard you and your property from dangerous spikes in electricity.

Common Causes for Power Surges

In Charleston, Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area, each home experiences more than 300 electrical surges each year. While most go unnoticed, high-amplitude power fluctuations can cause significant damage to your electrical system. The most common causes of power surges are:

  • The majority of power surges are caused by malfunctions in household appliances or electronics. Even a small problem can send thousands of amps surging through your electrical system.
  • Over 65 percent of in-house power surges are caused by malfunctions in motorized appliances like refrigerators, dryers and HVAC systems. Proactive maintenance helps keep them operating safely.
  • Utility events are the second-most common cause of power surges. Spikes in electricity routinely occur as the grid balances the demand for service with power generation.
  • Power surges caused by lightning are relatively rare but can cause serious damage. While nothing can prevent a direct strike, proper surge protection can mitigate the impact.

Surge Protection Options

From power strips to whole-home systems, surge protectors help shield you from the damaging effect of electrical fluctuations. When it comes to power surges caused by lightning, devices installed in your electrical meter are the most effective option. A whole-house protector also counters surges caused by the power grid.

Surge protectors installed in the main service panel are another valuable option. This type of device effectively safeguards expensive equipment like refrigerators and HVAC systems.

Professional Power Surge Services

Electrical hazards can lead to house fires, shocks and even electrocution. Because improper installation of surge protectors is also dangerous, it’s imperative to trust the job to a qualified professional. The skilled electricians at One Call Heating and Air provide expert installations. We’ll get the job done safely and position your device for optimal efficiency and performance. Your appliances and electronics will last longer when they’re protected by damaging power surges.

Peace of mind is the greatest benefit you’ll enjoy with surge protection services from One Call Heating and Air. We’re proud to provide services that help keep our neighbors in South Carolina safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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