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What is HVAC maintenance?

 Have you looked into getting your annual HVAC system maintenance yet? You may shrug off this process, but it is more critical than you believe. When you discover the ins and outs of yearly HVAC system maintenance, you will certainly not wait to neglect it again. Are you prepared to plan HVAC system maintenance? Contact One Call Heating and Air today and check the services we offer. Why is maintenance important? The goal of HVAC preventative maintenance is keeping your HVAC system all set up all season long without any surprise breakdowns while working at top efficiency. You seldom see your HVAC system face to face; therefore, it is easy to forget it and also overlook it. Imagine doing exactly the same with your vehicle. If you don’t ever have the engine oil changed or maybe refuse to take your vehicle in for virtually any type of tune-up until the check-engine light is on, you cannot expect it to survive over a few years.

HVAC Maintenance Tips


Your HVAC system will be the same way as your car. Regardless of how costly the method is or even precisely what the company promises, complicated mechanical equipment is governed by breakdowns and needs fixing every now and then. Decrease the likelihood of repairs by keeping scheduled annual maintenance. What are you able to expect out of your recently tuned-up HVAC system? Is the price of maintenance really worthwhile? You should know that some advantages of regular maintenance are immediate, while others avoid future issues from developing. Several of the most visible benefits include:


Lower energy bills – You may assume since the apparatus is heating or cooling your house with no apparent issue that everything is okay. However, have you taken a glimpse at your energy costs lately? A neglected system gradually loses its power to keep your house comfy at exactly the same level of efficiency it previously did. Just like a vehicle tune-up delivers better fuel consumption, your HVAC system consumes less fuel after getting specialized maintenance.


Fewer repairs – Do you pick up an unusual sound or maybe notice an unusual odor coming out of your furnace? Calling for an HVAC check up immediately might help catch problems before they start to be disastrous. For instance, a fraying belt might end up in unusual operating noises. If tech support replaces it in time, you are able to stay away from the costly repair, which results from a snapped belt whipping around inside. By avoiding future repairs, yearly heating maintenance cost pays for itself.


Reduced possibility of a catastrophic breakdown – Everyone wants an incident-free cooling and heating season. All things considered, it is unbelievably inconvenient and uneasy when equipment breaks down on the sweltering summer afternoon or maybe frigid winter evening, right when you want your HVAC system most. The odds of this occurring whenever you schedule inspections each year are significantly diminished.


Longer equipment life – Air conditioners, furnaces, along with other HVAC equipment, function better when they are frequently maintained and cleaned. One malfunctioning part is able to trigger a domino effect, which produces the whole system for breaking down. Constant AC preventative maintenance prevents this from occurring and also adds many years for your equipment’s lifespan.


More secure equipment operation – A failing HVAC system does much more than cost a great deal of cash to repair; it could also jeopardize your family members. For example, if the furnace gets a crack in the high-temperature exchanger, carbon monoxide gas is able to escape and also pollute the environment you inhale. Additionally, electric HVAC systems are able to produce a short circuit, which is a major fire hazard when ignored. Obviously, your family’s safety is still the main reason to plan annual heating and air conditioning maintenance.

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How often should HVAC be serviced

 Numerous homeowners wonder why they cannot just complete a whole tune-up themselves. The point is a comprehensive tune-up involves knowledge, tools, and skills that only experienced HVAC technicians are able to provide. Here is what you should anticipate if you call in the professionals to do annual heating and cooling maintenance. A crucial component of HVAC preventive maintenance is hiring a contractor with the proper experience and also abilities for the project. One Call Heating and Air has more than ten years of experience helping the South Carolina area with superior HVAC services, which range from installation to maintenance to emergency maintenance.


Obviously, annual heating and cooling system maintenance is one thing you need to take seriously. Whether your aim is saving cash, guard your family, improve efficiency, or even stop a mid-season breakdown, a yearly HVAC maintenance contract can enable you to achieve your objectives.

HVAC preventative maintenance checklist 

  1. ·  Clean or replace filters
  2. ·  Clean evaporator coils and condenser
  3. ·  Clean drain lines for clear clogs and the right flow
  4. ·  Clear drain pans of any standing water to stay away from overflows
  5. ·  Replace worn belts and pulleys
  6. ·  Inspect ducts for mildew and mold, dust, & debris
  7. ·  Observe moisture levels
  8. ·  Check refrigerant charge for possible leaks
  9. ·  Test thermostats and settings to help make certain temperatures and timer functions are properly set
  10. ·  Replace batteries
  11. ·  Check electric connections and system
  12. ·  Check fan motor
  13. ·  Check blades & blowers for proper airflow
  14. ·  Lubricate moving parts and motors bearings
  15. ·  Inspect cabinet for leaks, check cabinet door for secure closure
  16. ·  Look for debris around the outside units