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Home Automation Zoning and Wireless Thermostats in Charleston, Mount Pleasant SC and Surrounding Areas

Home Automation Zoning

When you live in the greater Charleston and Mount Pleasant region of South Carolina, quality HVAC systems are a must. Without great cooling and heating equipment, you’re subject to all the weather extremes of our coastal climate. At One Call Heating and Air, our home automation products let you make the most of the investment you’ve made in indoor comfort. From wireless thermostats to home zoning solutions, our HVAC upgrades save you time, energy and money.

Smart Home Thermostats

In recent years, HVAC technology took a leap forward with a new generation of programmable thermostats. User-friendly controls and digital displays make it easier to pre-set temperature settings according to your schedule. Today’s smart thermostats take the technology a step further. Powered by microprocessors, they allow you to monitor and adjust settings from your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, wireless thermostats let you fine-tune controls anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Advanced models “learn” your temperature preferences and adapt operation automatically to meet your needs.
  • Energy reports you can access online allow you to track and manage your HVAC energy usage.
  • From weather forecasts to reminders to change the filter, many thermostats come with additional features.
  • If internet service is interrupted, the device works like a basic thermostat, so you can manually adjust settings.

Smart thermostats are available for virtually every type of heating and cooling system. Models compatible with home automation systems allow you to integrate your HVAC systems with other smart devices. Our comfort advisors can help you find the product that best suits your needs. We can handle the installation for you too, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of customized comfort.

Home Zoning Controls

Zoned HVAC systems allow you to maintain different temperatures in different areas of your home. By heating or cooling only the living spaces that you’re using, you’ll save a bundle of money on energy expenses. Robust air delivery means you’ll also enjoy a higher level of comfort. Zoned systems feature multiple thermostats linked to a single control panel. You don’t need a brand new HVAC system to enjoy the benefits of zoning. Alterations made to the ductwork in existing systems let you experience the advantages that a zoned system offers.

Smart HVAC systems make life in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and the surrounding communities more comfortable and convenient. Our home automation solutions let you spend less on monthly energy bills too. Trust One Call Heating and Air for everything you need to optimize your indoor comfort.

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