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Heat Pump Repair

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Do you need Heat Pump Repair done?

Whenever your home’s heat pump begins giving you trouble, turn to the experienced and trained staff at One Call Heating and Air for heat pump service. We provide extensive heat pumps service for homeowners all over South Carolina. To have heat pump repairs near you, take a look at the locations we are servicing. One Call Heating and Air has more than a decade of expertise in the market and will deal with any heating repairs your house might require. 

Whether you’re working with a well-used, worn out heat pump, reduced efficiency, or maybe a system which will not turn on, our heatpump service technicians can rapidly identify the cause of the problem, hold out the required heat pump repair service, along with getting your home’s heating back up and running.

How do you know you need heatpump service?


While heat pumps are among the most cost-effective heating solutions for your house, regular usage after a while is able to result in breakdowns and even system failures. While some issues may look like small annoyances, they can basically be indicators of severe underlying problems. If you see some difficulties with your heat pump, it is usually better to get the aid of a skilled professional who could resolve problems before they become larger issues that demand a complete heat pump replacement. 

Some typical signs that you require heat pump repairs include: 

Aging – A heat pump that is twelve years of age or more will probably not do the job as well as it previously did. But if your heat pump hasn’t been replaced in a while now, you might have to plan repairs. 

Loud noises – Strange, loud sounds could be signs of severe difficulties with your heat pump. If your product is producing groaning, rattling, or perhaps clanking noises, call an expert for repairs. 

Inefficiency – When heat pumps begin to wear out, they usually don’t effectively heat your house. If perhaps you have noticed a lowered amount of performance with your home heating system, it may be the time to plan repairs. 

Regular cycling – You will find a few reasons which can result in fast cycling (a heat pump which shuts on and off somewhat quickly). You might have a malfunctioning thermostat or dirt, which could be restricting airflow. Contact an authority for repairs. 

Increased energy bills – Unexplained spikes on your energy costs are able to signify a difficulty with your heat pump. Usually, when this happens, it implies the system is not operating at optimum efficiency, and repairs should be made.

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What is included in our Heater Repair Service Options?  

At One Call Heating and Air, your comfort is vital to us. If you ask us for heat pump repair services, our heat pump specialist will show up promptly, prepared to get to do the job. We treat you and also your property with respect, sporting shoe coverings, and laying out drop cloths to protect your house. We depend on the most advanced, state-of-the-art gear to be able to supply you with better heat pump services when you are looking for “heat pump repair near me.”

One Call Heating and Air is locally owned and operated in South Carolina. We provide heatpump servicing in the whole area, and we are aware that heater repairs might be pricey. They are also usually not planned for in advance. Our diagnostic costs are extremely reasonable, and small repairs are completed totally free as part of the call. When there’s a significant repair, the diagnostic fee is removed from the full price of the fix. We constantly give free estimates for almost all major work ahead and can provide you with honest schedule info. We have a sizable inventory of parts available for furnaces and also ducting issues, as we understand if the home heating system needs repairs, it frequently needs to be done quickly.

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One method to keep your heating repair costs to a minimum amount is joining our membership club. When you invest in an agreement written especially for the equipment, it offers an annual furnace maintenance visit as part of the advantages. This will make sure that your burners are checked, all contacts are tightened, gas leaks are checked for, all elements and flame settings are in great condition, as the equipment is cleaned. We likewise check the ductwork and other items and filters for you, so you don’t need to keep telling yourself to get those essential jobs done prior to the snow flies. Diagnostic checks are free, plus you receive deals on equipment and repairs when you have a club membership. It’s peace of mind to make sure your home heating system is in good running condition, and it is safe.