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Quality Heat Pump Installation and Replacement in Charleston, Mount Pleasant SC and Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Installation

The humid subtropical climate in South Carolina makes quality HVAC systems essential for your indoor comfort. When it comes to keeping cool in the greater Charleston and Mount Pleasant area, heat pumps are popular options. They offer an energy-efficient way to stay cool in hot and humid weather.

When equipped with reverse operation, heat pumps can envelop you with warmth during the winter too. One Call Heating and Air is pleased to offer a full spectrum of heat pump systems to meet your comfort needs.

How Heat Pumps Work

Like traditional air conditioners, heat pumps use the cycle of refrigeration to move heat from one place to another. As the liquid refrigerant evaporates into the gas, it extracts heat from the surrounding air. In the summer, the heat pump transfers the heat outside. When the weather turns chilly, the equipment captures outdoor air, condenses it until it’s toasty warm and disburses it indoors. Most heat pumps have both indoor and outdoor components. This split-system configuration makes them adaptable to virtually any application.

  • For homes or businesses with existing ductwork, air-source heat pumps offer an all-in-one solution to your heating and cooling needs. When you need a heating replacement, they offer an energy-saving alternative to fuel-burning furnaces. A heat pump installation lets you enjoy whole-home comfort in every season.
  • When ductwork installations aren’t practical, ductless heat pumps offer appealing options. Engineered for zoning, they allow you to set different temperatures in individual living spaces. Ductless systems are also ideal for point-of-use applications like room additions and enclosed porches.

Expert Heat Pump Installation

As with any type of HVAC system, your long-term satisfaction depends on proper installation. The system’s size, which refers to its cooling or heating capacity, must fit the space. Oversized heat pumps tend to cycle on and off frequently, which impairs your comfort and drives up your energy costs.

Undersized systems run overtime trying to maintain comfortable temperatures. At One Call Heating and Air, we perform heating and cooling load calculations to ensure the system is sized right.

Cost-Effective Comfort Systems

The less energy an HVAC system consumes, the more money you’ll keep in your pocket. Advancements in heat pump technology have made heat pumps some of the most energy-efficient comfort systems available today. They provide you with the optimal level of comfort with minimal energy expenditure. A heat pump from One Call Heating and Air lets you enjoy lower utility bills year round.

For more information about heat pump installations in Charleston, Mount Pleasant and the surrounding communities, contact our comfort advisors today. We’re here to ensure that your home or business stays comfortable with top quality products and exceptional services.

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