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What is a Mini Split AC

Among the most enjoyable things lately to join the options for cooling and heating in Charleston is the wide availability of mini split AC systems. A ductless AC unit or mini split framework, carries a condenser or compressor unit situated outside, tethered by extremely thin lines and cords to an air handling device inside. The inside unit has a great deal of freedom in shapes, sizes, and mounting applications, and may be put on the ceiling, in a dropped ceiling, on a wall, on the floor, under the floor, or maybe free-standing based on your requirements. They’re quiet, efficient, unobtrusive, and adaptable in several ways a standard cooling and heating system simply isn’t.

Benefits to having a ductless air conditioner

Including ductwork by its very nature is a slow, costly task, and sometimes just can stop being run through floor joists, attics, walls, or areas in historic homes or even those with special architectural components. Almost any property owner that has priced having new construction ductwork done, and must attempt to retrofit an old method which inefficiently delivers air surrounding a structure understands how extremely costly ductwork is. Since no ductwork is necessary, mini split unit AC doesn’t keep problems with energy loss because of ductwork runs, wherever cool air conveniently heats in metal piping running through hot attics or even walls. Even though many systems are created for individual space or maybe square footage applications, the very best ductless mini split air conditioners are able to run several air handlers off a single condenser. With a 50-foot run distance between the main air handler and condenser feasible, positioning of the devices gains flexibility while offering on spot dedicated temperature control when and where you want it. This is made possible by having ductless air conditioning providing you clean and quality air at home.

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Ductless Air conditioners

How do you install my new Mini Split Air Conditioner  

Once you get a mini split system AC, you will want a professional who understands the item and the right way to install it. That is One Call Heating and Air.

Adding a wall-mounted mini split device is unobtrusive. Your house will not be ripped up since you will find no air vents or ducts. Our specialists will expertly put it in by drilling little holes in the structure. These holes enable the outdoor and indoor equipment to be linked by refrigerant lines.

You are able to rely on a mess-free installation from One Call Heating and Air throughout the process. Our experts use shoe covers to stay away from having your home dirty and also use drop cloths to restrict messes. When we are finished, we will look at your brand new system to be sure it is running appropriately and you know the way to operate it.

Does a ductless HVAC system save money over time?  


There are several areas in your house it’s essential to keep cool or warm at all times, but others such as a shop, spare bedroom, craft room, or any other areas which is sure could be great to have the ability to not have to cool them all of the time. You are able to quickly accomplish that with a split AC unit. Because the air handlers are zone-specific, the warm individual in the home is able to transform their room into cool storage as the majority of the household is cozy in moderate temperatures. You are able to additionally create a mini system on programmable thermostats, which means you can have considered a cold drink after work on your enclosed porch in cool comfort, set to turn on right before you get home out of the workplace. Managing only the area you need to be cooled down, particular for your requirements, helps lower your total cooling bill and also uses much less power.

When is the best time to get Mini Split Air Conditioning


Spring is the best weather when you should finally decide to maintain or get your mini split AC. When summer is about to come, you One Call Heating and Air is expert in evaluating home layouts for the most effective use of mini split installation, in which to place the exterior condensing unit, and where you can put air handlers to get the very best airflow and cooling capacity for optimum energy efficiency. Call us and submit our contact form and we are going to schedule a convenient appointment for you personally. We offer free estimates. All of our installations are always guaranteed, and we immediately extend warranties on mini split equipment for up to three years. Our technicians utilize booties, floor protection, and also get every precaution to make sure your house is kept clean and safe throughout the set up. One Call Heating and Air is locally owned and operated, and we strive hard in making your house as comfy and power-efficient as we possibly can. See us in regards to a mini split system, inquire about existing rebate programs and financing options, and appreciate comfort control on your terms.