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Ductless Systems

What are ductless air conditioners?


Growing in recognition as homeowner’s nationwide look for greener home comfort alternatives and leaner energy costs, the assembly of ductless air cooling systems is starting to be increasingly common. Is your ignorance of these super efficient and unique systems making you miss out? The professionals at One Call Heating and Air will shed light on this power-efficient cooling option. 

Used in Japan, parts of Europe, and Asia for more than fifty years, ductless air cooling systems are a newcomer to the U.S. market. Rising ecological issues and electricity costs recently have brought them in the spotlight in the U.S., nonetheless, as homeowners came to unveil the numerous advantages of these tiny but mighty systems. Unlike the typical ‘split’ central air cooling system, made up of an outside compressor/condenser unit and interior evaporator/air handling unit for distributing cooled air through duct work in your home’s crawl space or attic, ductless or ‘mini-split’ methods are different. Ductless systems are fitted right into the wall of your house, the raucous, compressor/condenser components of the device placed in a unit on the exterior wall plugged into household system components placed on floors, ceilings or walls through little tubing. It’s out of these inside wall-mounted units, which cooled air is exclusively distributed.


Different ductless heating and air condition systems  

Ductless systems work via a control panel placed on the interior wall-mounted unit. Some have remote controls. The inside parts of these little systems function similarly to all those in ducted, heat-pump-style, split HVAC systems (hence the name ‘mini-split’), though they require no bulky ductwork, relying instead on inside wall mounted units to distribute air. Up to eight interior room units are able to use one exterior compressor/condenser unit. These devices hook up to inside wall mounted units by refrigerant lines, that require just a couple of small, three-inch holes because of the distribution of cooled air. Fans in the inside unit distribute airflow, consuming air that is hot through the top, and also emitting cooled air from vents in the bottom.

ductless systems

What’s the pros and cons to a ductless system in my home?


No heat loss – Moving conditioned air by means of duct work is notoriously ineffective, with heat damage and also leakage of up to 25% in split systems. Cooled air is readily lost to unconditioned attic/crawlspaces as well as through leaky ducts, placing strain on your electric system and HVAC pieces that have got to compensate for the damage. Without any distribution components, ductless frameworks don’t have this particular issue.

Better comfort control – With several interior devices, a zoned cooling approach is achievable with ductless air conditioning systems, allowing for energy savings and also enhanced comfort through micromanaging every section of your house for use as per family member preference (unlike central methods that measure temperature situations based on the readings of an individual, isolated thermostat).

Greater efficiency – Ductless systems are incredibly high SEER, with a few systems boasting ratings pushing 30 SEER (compared to the usual split system’s fourteen SEER rating). Though the ductless system costs a little more on set up, those costs tend to be more than recouped over the lifetime of these incredibly effective cooling systems.

Quieter operation – Unlike the loud drone of a split system’s interior blower and exterior fan/compressor, inside wall mounted ductless units are quieter than a whisper, along with outside elements as silent as a fridge.

Versatility – Ductless methods are a terrific choice for older homes that do not possess the room to accommodate duct work – absolutely no boxy bulkheads, no lost closet space.

Nevertheless, ductless split air cooling systems have their disadvantages also. First of all, they’re usually costlier than other types of air cooling units. While in the long term, the minimal power consumption is going to save you cash, you’ll need a great deal of money upfront to afford the device in the first place, that is a huge turn off for the system.

 They’re additionally pretty tricky to set up, and you need to hire a professional to install them.


When to consider ductless air conditioning systems for your home


If ductless splits air cooling units sound like they’re the air cooling units for you, then give us a call or perhaps click, and we are able to talk about the choices we have with setting you up with a ductless AC.

 We’re experts that are devoted to assisting in your cooling, ductless heating and air conditioning systems, and frequent air cooling questions and concerns all year round, making sure the quality and temperature of your air at your home is definitely cozy. Contact One Call Heating and Air today for your ductless home air conditioning systems.