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Charleston has four wonderful seasons, pleasant weather, and gorgeous vistas. We likewise have wind sometimes, and wind comes with dust. Besides the wind, your home also has lint, dander, hair fall, and the rare exterior critter, which seems to look for its way into the interior of your outside condenser unit. Yearly maintenance on your air cooling program does not merely eliminate all of the material that accumulates within the devices, but additionally within the drain lines and also around connections. Eliminating things that find their way in and don’t belong there helps make sure you don’t have a problem later with your AC. Regular HVAC maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your respective air cooling condenser and air handler, allows them to function better, and also maintains contacts, parts, and contacts tight, examined, and secure.

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When you are searching for Charleston’s best air conditioning service, you have to contact One Call Heating and Air. We trust in standing behind all our job, and not attempting to market customers things they don’t need. That’s precisely why whenever we discover small things that require to be fixed while we’re executing maintenance or perhaps a diagnostic, we do them for free. We’re a locally owned business, and we think that all great relationships are made on trust and quality service. Our expert, seasoned specialists are timely, inspect the area from top to bottom, and clean up after themselves.

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When to consider AC Maintenance on your system             

If you have many things that require maintenance, like an AC unit, along with a furnace or more, you are going to want to explore our membership club. This particular subscription is particular in your machine, and also provides you with a totally free yearly air condition maintenance visit for the AC and furnace and free diagnostics calls, discounts on replacement of air conditioning system, fitted equipment, along with totally free after-hours support. Your air condition maintenance visits are looked after, so we are going to contact you to create the service; therefore, you don’t need to remember to be sure it gets done. Call or submit an inquiry through One Call Heating and Air’s contact form in order to determine exactly how we are able to assist you in saving cash with our membership club, or even to plan a maintenance call on your products. Our visits are extremely sensible and are going to let you be confident your Air conditioning unit is in excellent working condition as you approach warm weather months.

What we do during an Air Conditioning Maintenance tune up

A comprehensive AC tune-up must have the following:

An extensive cleaning of the condenser coils. Doing this increases efficiency (which directly affects energy costs) and will decrease the damage to your equipment.

Analysis of the coolant level to help you keep peak operating performance. Lubrication of all the moving parts to eliminate friction and wear, which may improve your energy expenses.

A complete calibration of your respective thermostat to confirm proper operation.

An assessment of the ductwork for potential power loss.

Inspection and tightening of all of the electric connections to verify secure system operation.

Evaluate the functionality of the blower motor, as well as the condition of the blower belt.

These are just a few of the conventional checks that must be performed by a dependable HVAC technician. One Call Heating and Air offers a complete 26-point check-up to help you ensure your product is operating reliably and efficiently. For your air conditioning maintenance need, only trust One Call Heating and Air. Call us today to schedule an AC service appointment. 

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It’s a recognized truth that regular air conditioning maintenance near me on your air cooling unit extends its life and also will help it run much better. When One Call Heating and Air does annual maintenance for you, we do not merely check and tighten up everything, we clean the condenser, examine all of the refrigerant lines, check all of the parts major and small, examine and change air filters, examine the coil, check and evaluate each security settings, clear all trash, along with other inspections to make sure your product is working at top efficiency. We likewise take and also record temperatures at your vents and even in the furnace head. We all know your HVAC system is a huge purchase, and you have to run it right when you need it. We recommend an annual AC maintenance near me in the spring before our dustier and warmer weather arrives.