Mini Split Systems in Charleston, SC

Mini Split Systems

Mini-splits are heating and cooling systems that offer you the ability to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces in your home.  One Call Heating & Air has done many mini-split system installs in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC area and it appears their popularity is only gaining steam each year.

mini split system

A mini-split system has two main components. There is the outdoor compressor and then there is the indoor air-handling unit. One advantage with mini-split systems is that they are typically pretty straight-forward and easy to install. Typically requiring only a three-inch hole through a wall, the system’s power, communication cables, condensation drain line and copper tubing will go through this hole linking the outdoor compressor to the indoor air-handling unit.

Mini-Split Systems VS Central Heating & Cooling

Mini-split systems have no need for ducts, so the unavoidable energy losses associated with ducts from central forced air systems is a thing of the past with a mini-split system. If a Ducted system was not properly installed they can account for up to 40% or more in losses in energy for space conditioning.  Central heating and air requires expensive ductwork that can also become a headache and accrue even more in costs when trying to work around an existing homes plans to ensure it works as intended and at optimal performance.

Five Advantages of Mini-Split Systems

  1. Flexible Solutions – Central heating and cooling systems force cooled and heated air through ducts, whereas, mini-split systems are ductless and deliver air directly to the room or zones within the home. These systems comprise of only two components which are the outdoor and indoor unit and they require only a small place to mount them as well access to electricity.
  2. Savings – One of the biggest reasons to switch to mini-split systems is the overall cost savings. Until cold fusion is invented and available to the public, utility costs will continue to go up. Home’s that utilize central heating and cooling systems to condition the air in their homes have to deal with many more problems associated with operating these systems more so than mini-split homeowners. A traditional central heating and cooling system composes of many more parts that have to be maintained, tuned-up and managed in order to ensure the system is operating at optimal performance. Mini-split systems are much more flexible, easier to maintain, require very little space, much more control over the areas of your home that you wish to condition and can save you a lot of money in the long haul.
  3. Indoor Air Quality – Traditional HVAC systems utilize air ducts to force the air throughout your home. These air ducts must be cleaned on a regular basis and even after doing so there will still be some dust and allergens left behind. Mini-split systems, on the other hand, do not require ducts and also they offer multi-stage filtration that can reduce these allergens and particulates in your air.
  4. Quick and Easy – Installing a traditional central heating and air system is a complicated, tiresome and aggravating process that can take up to several weeks to complete. Mini-split systems are quick and easy to install and depending on the number of indoor and outdoor units you will need, they can be installed and running in as short as one day.
  5. Carbon Footprint – Mini-splits are much smaller than their central heating and cooling counterparts. With their small size and zoning capabilities they allow for a much better energy efficiency than central air.

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