Why choose One Call Heating & Air for your systems maintenance and Tune Ups?
Would you agree that the best way to avoid getting sick is to make sure you wash your hands, eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest and see your doctor on a regular basis? Well, the best way to prevent heating and air system from getting sick is to do the same. Only I don’t think your doctor can take care of your system. That’s where we become your system’s Doctor. Our Doctors, um, I mean Tune Up Specialist, are trained to inspect, clean, and test your systems components to ensure proper efficiency and to prevent system disease. We do this by checking and testing your systems components.

This way we can identify parts that are getting ready to fail and replace them, avoiding inconvenient service calls during the busiest times of the year. We also lubricate and clean the system making sure it is in tip top shape for the high heat of summer and the bitter cold winters. I am so sure you will be satisfied with our Precision Tune Up, that I have cut the price in half just to earn your business. Once you see how well our Technicians take care of your system and home, I’m sure you will join our yearly maintenance service.

*Become a One Call Maintenance Member and receive all of this PLUS-Priority service and a 10% discount on repairs.

  • Calibrate Thermostat for accurate control and to prevent system from running longer than necessary, increasing utility usage
  • Clean or Replace Filters to reduce energy use, reduce compressor strain, improve indoor air quality, and improve comfort. (Customer Supplied Filter)
  • Measure & Record Voltage & Amperage to identify baseline operating conditions
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts to maintain efficiency and extend equipment life
  • Clean & Adjust Blower Assembly to extend motor life, improve air quality, and reduce sound​
  • Clean Condensate Drains to prevent water damage and the potential for mold formation
  • Clean Inside Evaporator Coil to restore heat transfer efficiency, reduce utility cost, and improve air quality. (when accessible)
  • Check Air Flow to ensure proper flow across the coil to ensure proper humidity removal and reliable operation
  • Check fan switch to prevent wasted energy and excess sound levels from nuisance cycling
  • Tighten Electrical Connections to ensure uninterrupted system operation.
  • Check Overcurrent Device for proper size and operations
  • Test Capacitors to ensure reliable operation and continued compressor and motor protection
  • Inspect & Test Controls & Safeties to keep operating costs low and prevent failures
  • Check service Disconnect for wear and damage
  • Adjust balancing dampers to improve comfort
  • Clean Outside Condensing Coil to restore heat transfer efficiency and reduce utility cost
  • Apply Protective Coating to outside unit to protect finish
  • Clear debris away from Condenser to protect and enhance efficiency.
  • Inspect fan blades and motor at condensing unit for wear and damage
  • Test Refrigerant Charge to ensure optimum levels leading to lower utility usage and extend compressor life
  • Visually Inspect Ductwork to identify obvious leaks, which reduce system efficiency and increase utility expense
  • Check indoor air quality devices for proper operation and maintenance
  • Check surge protection for proper grounding and operation
  • Check for biological growth using Ultra Spot Microbe Tester