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The sun can be unbearable and the humidity can make you sweat, but get your AC repair James Island SC and stay cool!


 Getting heating and air conditioning services is a lot easier than ever before with the reliable professionals of One Call Heating and Air on your side. Most of our technicians have the knowledge and expertise required to provide you with excellent service for the AC system. When something is off, you are able to trust that we know precisely how to reach the cause of the circumstances and also offer the solutions that you need. With your James Island home in our expert hands, your comfort is going to be restored with a functioning AC before you know it.

What can our HVAC James Island Company do for your home?



Through the very short wait until your air conditioning repair is done, your comfort might be reduced, but you will find methods to protect yourself from the high temperature. Without AC James Island SC, you will want to be more cautious about staying cool with various other techniques. Loads of water, through cooler showers & cups of ice water, are excellent means to deal with the high temperature. Staying rested will additionally help maintain your body heat from getting too high. Soon, however, our expert technicians are going to arrive to resolve the circumstance with repair services.

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There ought to be absolutely no delay in the AC repair James Island SC taking proper care of any worries about the James Island heat. Services are managed in an extremely timely fashion by our expert repair technicians. When you require us, even on holidays, emergency services are within your reach. On any day of the year, excellent James Island HVAC services are supplied to James Island residents. By simply giving us a call, you are able to have all your AC related comfort restored by One Call Heating and Air.

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How to tell if my James Island HVAC unit will need a new install or a repair


Finding out whether you need to repair or even replace your air conditioning unit could be a hard decision to make. Nevertheless, you would be amazed at how frequently we are called out for a second opinion and then discover that the existing AC has an abundance of life in it and also does not have to be replaced, as some other contractors have told them. As a result, we have created this manual on when you should change an air conditioner, and when you should commit money into fixing it. We have created our track record on offering truthful, straight answers to peoples’ AC questions. Thus, let’s check out when to fix or even replace your AC, beginning with the question of when to change it.


If your HVAC James Island SC system is broken and you have seen it is not as spry as it used to be, you might be considering HVAC repair James Island SC or replacement. However, you might wonder whether it is too soon for replacement or not.  Is repair your better choice in the long term, or would a more recent, more effective system offer you the performance and dependability you have been searching for? When deciding over repair or replacement, you will find various considerations. Our AC and heating repair experts at One Call Heating and Air will take a look at each side of the issue.


Below are signs it might be time to contact your One Call technician:

Age – With regards to fix vs. replacement, the Department of Energy and EPA’s joint Energy Star program recommends systems much older than ten years of age and furnaces or maybe boilers more mature than fifteen years of age be replaced. Although these methods might endure several years more, they’ll progressively drop energy efficiency over time, costing you more dollars in energy.


Regular Breakdowns – If your system cannot handle the requirements on its performance during the coldest and hottest times of the entire year, and has broken down many times in the last few years, repairs might not be to your advantage. Sometimes, they can easily add up considerably over time, costing you far more than purchasing a brand new system.


Uneven Temperatures – Uneven temperatures are a sign of a possible necessity for a heating & cooling upgrade.


Noise – If your system needs to overexert itself to match cool requirements and the heating of your house, it could be excessively loud or even switch off randomly. Create and keep a normal maintenance routine to preserve the performance of your system, including annual expert James Island HVAC maintenance to avoid problems before they happen.



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