History of Charleston South Carolina

Charleston SC

History of Charleston South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the largest city of the state of South Carolina in the USA, and also the county seat of Charleston County. It is located at the south of the geographical midpoint of South Carolina, specifically in Charleston Harbor. In 2020, this city has a recorded population of 137,556. Known for humidity and unbearable heat, this post is sponsored by our local HVAC in Charleston SC to keep your homes cool during the hot times!


History of Charleston SC

Charleston History: A Lasting Culture  

The city of Charleston came to be when it was named after King Charles II of England by English colonists who arrived during the spring of 1670. This newly-established colony had a lot of enemies to face – Spanish, French, Native Americans, and even pirates. After the American Revolution in 1783, the city’s name has become Charleston, which is retained until today.


What to look forward in Charleston, SC

There are a lot of things going on in Charleston, SC. Befitting its number 1 best US City ranking bequeathed by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2019, there are a lot of popular tourist attractions you must visit. Be it about tasting wonderful cuisine, sightseeing beautiful houses, and streets, or visiting museums and breweries, Charleston has a lot to offer!

  • Rainbow Road

This is a must-see attraction in Charleston! It’s because it is a beautiful and bright row of thirteen pastel-colored houses, renowned as the longest row of Georgian row houses in the entirety of the USA! 

  • Nathaniel-Russell House

This house-turned-museum, aside from its luxurious decoration and design, boasts free-flying three-story stairs that have both architectural beauty and structural integrity! Built-in 1808, this house also tells the story of slaves that once lived there.

  • Charleston Museum

Visiting this museum is akin to reliving the history of Charleston. There are many fascinating things in this place, and one of those is the hanged skeleton of a whale that ended up in the Charleston Harbor in the 1800s.

  • Sullivan’s Island

This town is situated at the entrance of Charleston Harbor. If you want to go sightseeing at the beaches in South Carolina, be sure to visit this marvelous place! The calm and peaceful waves, natural path walks, and the wide expanse of sand that awaits you makes visiting this place worth it!

  • King Street

If you are in Charleston, be sure to never miss out on this bustling street! Contributing to its southern charm is its architectural and historical significance. The numerous stores along this street make it a shopper’s paradise. In the upper portion of King Street lies high-end restaurants.

  • Husk

If you want a full Southern dining experience, pay this restaurant a visit! The founder, Chef Sean Brock, makes sure that the ingredients used in cooking come from the South only.

While this list is a suggestion of what places you should visit while in Charleston, keep in mind that Charleston is a treasure trove full of tourist attractions. Which is why you should check out other famous areas in this beloved city.

Some trivia about Charleston, SC

  • This city is named after King Charles II of England in 1670.

  • Charleston is called the “Holy City” because of its many places of worship established over the city.

  • The Civil War began with the first shot being fired at Charleston, SC.

  • The U.S.A’s first official golf game took place in Charleston, SC.

  • The first museum, public college, and playhouse in the entire U.S. are built in Charleston, SC.

  • Charleston is the seventh-largest container port in the U.S.


I hope that this has helped you to get to know more about Charleston, South Carolina.


If you’re planning to visit someday, I hope you have fun! 🙂

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