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Heating Services

Most people do not really think about heating until the temperatures have dropped well below freezing and then when they go to turn the heat up, it doesn’t work. During the winter, without heating, and temperatures below freezing can be life threatening for you and your loved ones. This is why you can count on One Call Heating & Air to be there for you even at the most inconvenient times. We’re available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for emergency heating repair services.

heating services

People in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area may not always make sure that their heating system is well-maintained. However, people in the area can trust on us to be there for them.  When it comes to the winters in South Carolina there is no opportune time for a heating problem to occur, but by knowing there is a reputable and professional company that provides quality heating services in the area you can rest your mind at ease.

Maintaining your Heating System

One of the most expensive systems in a residential home will typically be the heating system. A lot of people do not maintain their heating systems when they should. A heating system should be checked on a routine basis and professionally serviced for a tune-up at least once a year before the onset of winter.

One of the decisive factors in a person’s lack of enthusiasm at having their heating system serviced is cost. In reality, having your heating unit receive a tune-up from a professional heating and air company may actually offset the costs associated with it from an increase in performance from the system. You could very well actually save money.

Some of the most common components that will be checked by an HVAC professional in regards to the heating system are as follows:

  1. Air Ducts
  2. Burner
  3. Electrical Connections
  4. Heat Exchanger
  5. Thermostat

There are multiple components that make up a home’s heating system. Just because the heating unit seems to be operating fine does not mean that everything in actuality is okay. Even though it may appear that everything is in working order, there could be potential issues that are going unnoticed.

When you hire an HVAC professional from One Call Heating and Air to do a diagnostic checkup of your entire heating system to make sure that all of its components are in fact operating efficiently and optimally, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands. If the technician finds a potential problem within your system during the tune-up, the technician can normally handle the problem during the same visit.  Heating systems are very expensive, the time taken to have a professional, reliable technician handle the tune-up and diagnostics is well worth the time and money invested.

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Heating Services



When you call upon One Call Heating & Air the next time you need a professional HVAC technician at your home or business you can be assured that we will provide you with an upfront and honest quote before we begin any work. With One Call Heating and Air there is no bait & switch tactics. Honesty, integrity, customer satisfaction and affordable prices are what we guarantee you.


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One Call Heating & Air takes great pride in providing the best heating and air services for homeowners and businesses in the greater Charleston, Mount Pleasant and outer lying South Carolina area. We guarantee your satisfaction with the prompt, quality work our professional technicians will do for all of your HVAC needs. One Call Heating & Air is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and we maintain a rock solid A+ rating to back up our claims.

For your convenience, we are also available after hours and you can reach out to us twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week.  No matter what time of the night it is, we will be there for you when you need us.  We have specialists in all services related to heating and air.

If you are looking for service, installation, maintenance or repair in your or business and you are located within the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or surrounding areas in South Carolina then do not hesitate to get in touch us today. One of our professional technicians will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have related to heating and air services. We will provide you with all the information that we can and if you would like, schedule an appointment for you at your earliest convenience.  Give One Call Heating and Air a ring today.