Furnace Service in Charleston, SC

Furnace Service

During the cold winter months in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC area your home’s furnace provides you with the warmth you rely on. In the event that your home’s furnace has become defective, inefficient or even outdated, you can count on One Call Heating and Air to assist you with your furnace needs. With the experience from our professional technicians providing five star services you can rely on our technicians to get the job done professionally, promptly and reliably.

furnace service

One Call Heating and Air’s professional technicians will provide you with an honest assessment with your home’s furnace letting you know whether it will be in your best interests to repair or replace your furnace.  One Call Heating and Air’s technicians provide the expertise and know-how to fine tune your system to operate at its peak performance. Our technicians have vast experience with all types, makes and models of furnaces, and provide the following furnace repair including:

Furnace Repair – You can count on One Call Heating and Air’s technicians when it comes to furnace repair for all types, makes and models of furnaces.

Furnace Replacement – Sometimes it may be more beneficial to have your home’s furnace replaced in the event that new technologies make it much more beneficial to replace rather than repair an aging system or in the event that the unit is not repairable due to its age and lack of availability for parts.

Furnace Maintenance –  One Call Heating and Air technicians will ensure that your home’s furnace is operating at its peak performance and optimal efficiency, ensuring your furnace meets your comfort level requirements as well as lowering the energy costs associated with operating your unit.

Furnace Installation – One Call Heating & Air not only provides repair and routine maintenance to Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC homes but we also will provide Furnace installations for existing homes as well as new home builds.

Why You Should Choose One Call Heating & Air

When you are in need of a new furnace to heat your home in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant area, our HVAC technicians will first begin with a full diagnostic evaluation of your existing system as well as your home’s needs.  We will utilize appropriate industrial standards in order to professionally determine the best and properly sized furnace to fit the needs of your home.

Properly sizing a new unit for your home is very important, as a system that is too large or small will create problems and discomfort.  When you hire One Call Heating and Air, our technicians will assist you in the selection process of a heating system that is the right fit for your home.

One Call Heating & Air cares about you and your family’s safety and privacy. All of our professional technicians that will handle installations have passed thorough background checks, as well as are routinely tested for drug and alcohol abuse.

Furthermore, One Call Heating and Air technicians are thoroughly trained in each system, industrial advances and are up-to-date with ongoing educational classes to ensure that they are at the top of their field with today’s HVAC technology. You will also find that our professional technicians are equipped with only the latest tools and technology to help them provide exceptional service with solving and repairing your furnace problems accurately, faster and with results you can count on.

Types of Furnaces

There are three primary types of residential furnaces available on the market. They are natural gas, oil and electric furnaces.  Of the three, natural gas and electric are the primary types that are often utilized in South Carolina.

Natural Gas Furnace

A natural gas furnace , operates by pulling air from the rooms and passing that air through a heat exchanger where the air is then heated above a combustion chamber. The warm air is then expelled back to the rooms through a series of ducts, and vents exhaust outside of your home.

Electric Furnace

The electric furnace, operates by utilizing coils that warm the air that is blown through the system.  This air is then distributed throughout your home via ducts. Heat pumpsalso use coils in order to produce heat.


Additional Heating Services

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We provide multiple furnace installation, maintenance or repair options for your home or business.  One Call Heating and Air provides 24/7 service to the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC area for your convenience.  Get in touch with us today for a free estimate as well as further information about how we can assist you with your furnace needs.