Furnace Maintenance in Charleston, SC

Furnace Maintenance

The last thing you would wish for during a cold winter night in Charleston, SC is for your furnace to break down. Maintaining your furnace should be up there on your bucket list especially during the winter. There are many things that you can to do to help ensure your furnace is in peak shape. One of them is by having a professional technician who specializes in furnace maintenance to annually clean and tune-up your furnace.

furnace maintenance

One Call Heating and Air can assure you with comfort during the winter months by providing furnace maintenance to ensure your home stays cozy and warm. Our comprehensive maintenance will increase the efficiency of your system as well as ensure proper performance and expand upon the maximum life span for your furnace or other heating and air conditioning system.

Maintaining Your Furnace

There are three main types of furnaces that are in most residential homes and based upon which one you have will determine the tips you should follow with maintaining your system.

If you have an electric furnace installed in your home you will want to:

  • Inspect the thermostat and ensure that it is operating as expected and compare the temperature in your home and the readout on your thermostat.
  • Check the air grill and if needed clean it. A dirty grill can partially block air flow which will impact the performance and life span of your furnace.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you should change the filter for your furnace, typically this will be monthly and if you have not been following this pattern, do so.

If you have a gas furnace installed in your home you will want to:

  • Inspect the lines and furnace for gas leaks.
  • Ensure that the control valve is set to open
  • Change out the filter according to the specifications of the manufacturer’s instructions which will typically be on a monthly basis.
  • Clean the air return grill to ensure consistent airflow to improve upon the performance and life span of the furnace.
  • Check the thermostat and compare the temperature readout to the temperature in your home.


Schedule Preventative Maintenance

One Call Heating & Air recommends that you take charge of your furnace to ensure that it is ready for the winter and is in good condition. To save time and potentially money schedule preventative maintenance from a professional heating and cooling company.

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One Call Heating & Air provides quality services for homeowners and businesses alike for all of their heating and air conditioning needs in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. We specialize in furnace maintenance of all types of furnaces. Furthermore, our certified technicians have undergone extensive background checks and are subject to random drug testing to ensure your safety and security. Contact us for furnace maintenance, repair, replacement and installation.

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