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Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

One Call Heating and Air can sympathize with the sweltering and brutal summer months in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area. This is why your comfort is one of our priorities during the summertime. One Call Heating & Air’s professional and certified technicians recognize that not every home is the same and with that the cooling needs for each home will differ. In some homes it just isn’t possible, convenient or cost effective to have a central air conditioner. For those homeowners with this dilemma there are luckily other solutions. Ductless air conditioners are one of those solutions that can offer you with crisp, cool conditioned air for your home.

Ductless air conditioning

When it comes to Charleston homes where ducts are just not possible, One Call Heating & Air can install ductless air conditioning systems, which are also known as mini-split systems.  Mini-splits are an efficient and effective solution for proving crisp, cool air conditioning to your home.  They also offer a solution for homeowners who are not looking to have the additional expenses of duct installation, or whose home or room addition calls for an alternative solution for central air.

A ductless air conditioning system has two (2) main components.  These two components are the outdoor condenser and the indoor component that can either be mounted on a wall or even a ceiling.  These two components are connected via refrigerant lines. A ductless system is a compact and efficient system that is a great alternative choice for any homeowner that is looking to have minimal modifications done to their home or if the home can’t utilize a traditional central HVAC system.

The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Adding ducts to a home that does not have existing ducts can be costly. A ductless air conditioning system offers a viable solution and many other benefits. Below is a list of just some of those other benefits that you can expect from a ductless system.

  • Convenient Operation – Ductless systems do not utilize wall-mounted thermostats. To operate a ductless AC system it is simply operated by the use of a remote control.
  • Quiet Operation – Ductless air conditioning also provides homeowners with quiet operation without sacrificing any of the comforts you would come to expect as well as optimal performance.
  • Space Saving – With the compact design of the system it makes them especially convenient for areas that have limited amounts of space such as apartments, attics, basements, dorms, townhomes, bedrooms and room additions.

Ductless Air Conditioning’s Energy Efficiency

Ductless systems consume less electricity than conventional central heating and cooling units.  When you use a ductless system you are given better control over which rooms in your home you wish to keep cool.  It is especially advantageous to be able to control rooms individually which will help you greatly reduce your home’s energy consumption. By, only cooling the rooms that you occupy or use frequently you can expect your energy usage to drop quite a bit.

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