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Duct Systems

Ducts are fundamental for traditional central heating and cooling.  Another more common term that is used for ducts is ductwork. They are used to deliver and circulate air in your HVAC system. Used for heating, air conditioning and ventilation they help circulate the air throughout your home. When it comes to ventilation the ducts help ensure indoor air quality is delivered throughout the system.

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When a new central heating and cooling system is installed it is imperative that the design is laid out correctly.  If installed incorrectly the HVAC system’s efficiency and effectiveness can be reduced by as much as 40%.  One Call Heating and cooling excels at providing custom ductwork services. Our professional technicians will ensure that the system’s ductwork works in conjunction with the design of the home and that the HVAC system will work optimally with the layout of the ductwork.

Not all homes are the same and when it comes to the installation of premanufactured ducts; this approach can result in a serious reduction of efficiency as well as energy loss and increased energy expenses. If the ducts are too small or too large it will affect the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The size of the ducts can also increase the risks of loss of air as well.

Ductwork is no simple task and this is why it is critical that you consider hiring a qualified and experienced HVAC company to assist you.  One Call Heating and Air’s professional technicians will ensure the accuracy, system size and type, and ductwork design so that you can put your mind to ease and be assured that your home is receiving the optimal HVAC system install for your home.

Different Types of Ducts

When it comes to ductwork there are multiple materials that can be used. Below is a list of these materials that ducts are typically made from.

Galvanized Steel – This is the standard and most common material that is used in homes with central heating and cooling units.  Galvanized steel duct has a zing coating that helps in the prevention of rust.

Aluminum – This ductwork is very lightweight and also quick to install. Since aluminum can be easily cut and molded it is used quite a bit in scenarios where custom or special shapes of ducts are wanted or needed.

Polyurethane and Phenolic Insulation Panels – Pre-insulated air ducts for short do not require extra insulation unlike aluminum or sheet metal ducts. Pre-insulated air ducts can be installed in a single step.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass duct board are for homeowners who want an HVAC system that operates as quietly as possible. These panels have built-in thermal insulation and the interior surface of these panels help in the absorption of sound.

Flexible Ducting – These ducts also referred to as flex, are constructed from a flexible plastic that is poured and then cooled over a metal wire coil to the shape of a tube.  Flex is very convenient when it comes to attaching supply air outlets to the rigid ductwork.

Fabric Ducting – Fabric ducting in actuality is an air distribution device rather than a conduit for conditioned air. Typically consisting of a polyester material, these ducts help provide a more even distribution of the conditioned air in a given space than from a conventional duct system.

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