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Is HVAC a good career? Becoming a HVAC Technician


   The HVAC field is diverse and one which provides a wide range of job opportunities. With the availability of HVAC technician jobs comes job security and also bigger salaries for technicians. This specific write-up is going to discuss projected salaries for HVAC jobs, the certification process, along with various job positions.

Do you want to learn more about why a career in HVAC may be the ideal match for you? Are you asking yourself whether HVAC may be the perfect career move for you? Before embarking on any brand new career, it is essential to find out what you are entering into. Is the HVAC job outlook growing? Can there be room for advancement in order to earn money that is good? Just how long will you have HVAC technician training? Today, we will have a better look at what it really means to choose a career as being an HVAC expert.

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You will find numerous kinds of jobs within the HVAC business. You do not have to become an HVAC technician to gain from the “boom”. You will find HVAC managers, engineers, installers, along with refrigeration technicians required to help fill the need for new installations. Here are a few brief job descriptions for these alternative opportunities:

HVAC Managers – A manager is a crucial part of any group of service technicians. When focusing on an installation or maybe fix for air conditioning, ventilation, or heating for projects, the manager is liable for overseeing the task. They work hand in hand with the customer to ensure the project objectives are met while meeting customer care needs.

HVAC Installers – Installers are the device controllers. They get, restore, and keep a building’s heating, ventilation, and air cooling systems. These methods are important to building occupants’ comfort, keeping them cool in summer weather, and warm throughout the wintertime.

HVAC Engineers – Engineers have many various opportunities and different responsibilities in the industry, along with higher HVAC engineer salary. They may fashion programs, work with installers, enhance a system’s maintenance, along with engineer repairs. They will work directly for HVAC companies or maybe check out opportunities offered at design companies, government agencies, or even HVAC equipment manufacturers.

HVAC Technician Job Description – A common day in the lifetime of an HVAC tech is able to differ based on what kind of business a tech works for. The work schedule may begin whenever the repair is required. If you’re working hard for a house building company, you may have a normal 9-5 schedule.

 The starting point of the day for an HVAC tech starts by visiting the work environment to get ready for the task in front of them. After studying the schedule for the morning, the essential tools can get packed into the business car. Subsequently, the techs are going to head out to the job site.

 A tech may fit a business that is appointment based, moving from home to home, maintaining and installing cooling systems. This particular job type could suit somebody who enjoys variety and also working closely together with the general public. 

For techs that operate in commercial or industrial settings, it’s possible they are going to be at the same job site the whole day for weeks in a time. There may be an HVAC manager who is dealing straight with the client. This may be a much better match for somebody who wants to work on bigger projects for an extended time without having customer support responsibilities.

One day is able to include any one of those tasks or maybe most of them: fitting, preventative maintenance, repair, or even a surprise customer emergency. Generally, there may be a call for an urgent situation repair at any time in the day. Although this is stressful at times, it provides techs a chance to generate more cash working overtime.


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What does a HVAC tech salary look like?

The median annual HVAC tech salary for heating, air conditioning installers, and refrigeration mechanics was $48,730 in May 2019. The median HVAC technician salary will be the wage at which half the employees in an occupation earned much more than that number and half earned less. The bottom ten percent earned under $30,610 and the top ten percent earned greater than $77,920 for HVAC pay.

If you’re brand new on the field, basic level HVAC job salaries for all those technicians with zero to five years of expertise range from $28-40,000. Late career technicians earn almost double that, earning typically around $60,000

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field will witness a 21% job growth by 2022. HVAC technicians are going to be busier than in the past and stay in demand that is high throughout the following ten years. HVAC jobs can’t ever be outsourced and can regularly be on-site, which affords technicians along with other workers long-range job security.


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So far, developing a career in HVAC seems flawless, right? However, as with any project, it has a set of drawbacks. 

Hard to begin with no experience – Without hands-on experience, it could be hard to get hired at first. Breaking into the industry with no proper HVAC education or associated job industry could be tiresome. You’ll want to check out your local union for HVAC apprentice job opportunities and also contact regional contractors during the hectic months. This will also earn you HVAC apprentice salary.

 Physically demanding – Working a really physical job in which you’re on your feet 40+ hours weekly performing laborious tasks is able to take its toll. While young HVAC technicians may not consider this factor, later on in their career they are able to start to feel the bad physical effects. 

Takes experience and time to learn – Learning about all the various systems you may encounter on the job will take time. You cannot perfect everything in one day, week, or sometimes even a season. As various problems develop on the project which you’ve never ever experienced before, troubleshooting remains essential. 

Does working in HVAC pay?


Overall, the drawbacks are far outweighed by the advantages. A career in HVAC is able to allow you to be an excellent, proficient tradesperson in a job market in which the need is just increasing. As the demand goes up, wages will frequently increase along with it. HVAC professionals play an essential role in most American’s daily lives.


They function as comfort controllers, helping supply the public with heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration. Look in one of the numerous careers available in HVAC now.