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When Is The Right Time For Air Conditioning Maintenance? | Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC

It is understandable to be confused about the maintenance of your air conditioning, concerning whether it is really needed or not. Many people doubt the trustworthiness of the professional services of air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC which is why they avoid their unit maintenance as well. It is important to know that your air conditioning just like other electric appliances require regular maintenance in order to effectively work. Skipping maintenance can actually cause more harm to the unit while also increasing the cost of air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC.

What you need to keep in mind is that air conditioning issues are typically not obvious once they begin developing. They progressively get worse without detection unless an experienced technician checks the unit and prevent the potential issues. Otherwise, by the time you notice your unit is not working properly or making strange noises, your cost of air conditioning repair had already escalated. All of this can be avoided if you schedule regular maintenance every 6 or 12 months.

Reasons Your AC Needs Maintenance

Air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC can be expensive if your unit is damaged or experiencing compressor failure which might lead to replacement. Through preventive maintenance, a skilled technician can thoroughly inspect your unit once or twice a year. They will detect and fix the areas that might create problems in the future which will minimize repair costs and enhance the life of your air conditioning unit. The cooling efficiency of your unit will be increased and probability of severe problems with the unit will be decreased.

Following are some of the major reasons your AC needs regular maintenance:

Protecting Your Investment

Installing a heating and air conditioning system is an investment on your part. Indeed you would want to enhance the system’s efficiency, life span, and minimize any damages or breakdown. Regular maintenance will result in decreased running cost, lower carbon emissions, and better energy efficiency.

Saving Cost of Severe Damage or Replacement

Once you have the unit installed, it is best to go for a maintenance agreement with an experienced maintenance and repair service. The parts of air conditioning unit can start getting overworked, damaging or malfunctioning with time without regular maintenance. All parts of any system needs to be checked for their proper functioning, especially the compressor. If the compressor of your unit fails you will end up with major expenses for air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC or might have to replace the entire unit which is an even bigger expense than repair.

Professional Inspection

When you opt for a maintenance agreement, a skilled technician would inspect your unit once or twice a year. During every visit, the technician will check each part of the unit and ensure they are working efficiently. The technician will also check and calibrate the controls and pressures, and clean the filters.

The main aim of air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC is to ensure the prolong reliability and efficiency of the unit and decrease the chances of failure or damage.

The Ideal Time for Maintenance

The most ideal and essential time to get the maintenance conducted is right before your air conditioning unit would be used on an hourly or daily basis, which is typically during spring and summers. This indicates scheduling maintenance before spring arrives is ideal. However, the unit should also be inspected and checked before the start of winters. A technician can also assist in covering up your unit the right way to protect it throughout the winter season.

Moreover, the technician will also recommend the best time to schedule the next maintenance depending on the condition of your air conditioning unit. This will take away your stress of tuning up the unit, preparing it for every season, and worrying about experiencing a breakdown during the hot summer days.

What to Expect from Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC?

If you haven’t had your unit maintenance done before, it could get confusing what to expect from a professional technician for air conditioning maintenance and air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC. To ensure you understand the process and services the professional should provide during the visit, read on below:

  • Cleaning the condenser’s evaporators and coils of the unit if required
  • Adjusting and cleaning blower functions for the right airflow of the system in order to enhance comfort levels
  • Inspecting ducts for dust and debris and cleaning them to enhance airflow
  • Checking aluminum fins which are situation around the unit’s exterior and might get crushed or bent if surrounding objects bump into them
  • Inspecting internal parts for damaged, chipped, broken parts which can’t be detected easily. If not detected on time, your unit would eventually start failing
  • Checking the level of coolant for any leaks. In case of leaks, the unit won’t properly work and the leaking coolant will damage other parts. This means increased costs of air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC.
  • Checking the thermostat of the unit for accuracy

If you neglect the maintenance of your unit, it would result in costly repairs due to the increased issues that will arise. Remember your air conditioning unit is like other electric and mechanical system. It will keep on operating for a long time till suddenly the system would fail due to some internal issue which you couldn’t detect earlier. It is important to consult a skilled service for air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC in order to avoid emergency breakdowns and costly repairs.

If you are looking for professional services for air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC in affordable rates for maintenance or repair, contact One Call Heating and Air South Carolina. Our expert technicians will inspect the unit in thorough detail to detect and fix the problem. Moreover, regular maintenance will also be scheduled for your unit and our technician will give you a call before the next maintenance is scheduled so you don’t have to worry about making the appointment.