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Things to Think About When It Comes to Heating and AC in Charleston, SC

Things to Think About When It Comes to Heating and AC in Charleston, SC

While Charleston may not be the hottest place in the country during summers, it can still get quite uncomfortably hot. Here’s something not many people are aware of – how and where you get your AC installed plays a big part in how well it can control the temperature in your home. It isn’t as simple as adding an air conditioning unit, you actually have to think about how you will install the air conditioning.

Here, at One Call Heating and Air, we are experts in placement, so if you are working with us, you don’t have to worry about this stuff. We are experienced and professional trained experts, thus we will take the following things into account when you call us for heating and AC services in Charleston, SC. However, it is still a good idea to know what an ideal heating and AC installation looks like so you always get it done the right way, no matter where you are.

Pick the right wall for the air conditioning unit

Here’s a mistake many people make when it comes to heating and AC in Charleston, SC: they install the unit on the wall that is facing outwards, instead of one of the walls which are inside the house. Now, this makes sense at some level. People think that all air conditioners need to be installed this way. Old air conditioners which were single units needed to be installed this way because they would throw heat out of the back.

Modern air conditioners no longer have this limitation. Most of them are ‘split’ units, meaning the part that is inside your room and the part that throws out hot air are two different parts. This means that you can place the inside unit in the best place without worrying about the outer unit at all – it will still be installed in a place where it can let the hot air out. A pipe is used to connect the two units so they cannot be too further apart.

Thus, you should always use the wall that isn’t being hit by sunlight. Walls heat up a lot even though we don’t realize it. They affect the room temperature as well. If the air conditioner is on a wall that is being heated up by sunlight, it will have to work harder and still won’t be able to work at full efficiency. On the other hand if it is installed in the right location, the unit will be cool by itself, which will allow it to work better.

The direction of the air matters

You also have to think about the direction of the air when it comes to heating and AC in Charleston, SC. We don’t mean how the air moves outside, we are talking about the air in your own home. Now, you can disregard this fact, but it will lead to the experience not being fully satisfying. Your air conditioner will still do its job but not as well as it should.

Here’s a simple tip: you should always try to make the air travel as much as it can without obstructions. Most rooms are rectangle shaped instead of square. If your room is a perfect square, you can place the air conditioning unit wherever you want and the air circulation will be the same. However, most rooms are not perfect squares. One side is longer and one side is wider. Here you need to install the air conditioner in a way that it throws air throughout the length of the room instead of the width.

To understand why this is so important when it comes to heating and AC in Charleston, SC, you simply need to visualize how the air will move. If you place the air conditioner unit on the wide wall, the area between the two walls will be shorter. Air will leave on one side of the room, hit the wall in front of it, and will bounce back. The extremities of the room on the longer side will not get any air circulation at all. They will feel cool but no one there will feel like there is any circulation in the room.

On the other hand if you place it so that the air has to travel a long way to hit the wall in front you get much better circulation. The cold air from the air conditioner will get to travel in a straight line and cover the whole room. The only sides that will have low circulation are the corners of the wall the air conditioner unit is on but this area is very small.

Place the outdoor unit

Another big mistake many people make when it comes to heating and AC in Charleston, SC is that they misplace the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Here’s the deal: the area around the outdoor unit is not going to be pleasant. Outdoor units raise the temperature around them. You need to make sure that your outdoor unit is installed in a place that isn’t just open but has a good flow of air as well. You want the hot air to dissipate as soon as possible otherwise it ends up making the area around your house unbearable. You should also never store anything around the outdoor unit. If you do, it may cause a fire hazard. Clear the area so that the hot air can exit without any obstructions of any sort.

So, to recap, first you have to make sure that the place you choose to place the indoor unit is right in terms of outside sunlight. You want it mounted on a wall that isn’t being hit by sunlight throughout the day. Then, you have to make sure you place the indoor unit wall in the right place in the context of the shape of your room. Once that is done, you have to make sure the outdoor unit is placed right as well. Make sure these three things are done right and you will be happy with your heating and AC situation in Charleston, SC.