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The Difference Between a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner | Heating and Air in Charleston, SC

You must be wondering how a heat pump is different from an air conditioner, and if that’s the case, you will definitely benefit from reading this article. Honestly, if you want us to describe a heat pump in plain, simple words, then we can say that a heat pump is really an air conditioner that can also work as a heater.

Without proper maintenance and care, there is no doubt your AC unit will start giving you problems. Failure of an AC compressor is among the major issues that would not just leave you uncomfortable in the heat of Charleston, SC, but also make a major dent in your wallet if you end up purchasing a new AC unit.

But let’s talk about the winter season in Charleston, SC. Some people feel extremely cold in the winter, and to have a comfortable environment at home, they need to install a heater. How can they do that? It’s pretty simple. They just have to determine who to contact for heating and air Charleston, SC.

If you are someone who finds the cold breezes of winter uncomforting, then have to think about replacing your entire HVAC, or your air conditioning system, by searching for heating and air Charleston, SC. A question you might want to ask now is should you consider getting a heat pump in replacement of your AC?

The best way to avoid increased electricity bills, higher repair costs, or the need to invest in a new unit is to have a heat pump that can work as two units i.e. an air conditioner and a heating system.  However, when installing a heat pump, you have to ensure if it is the ideal choice for you based on your needs of heating and air Charleston, SC.

In this article, we will inform you about the differences that exist between heat pump and a normal air conditioner, and describe the limitations and advantages of having heat pumps.

Heat pump and air conditioner: what is the difference?

In the hot days of summer, when your home needs the cooling of an air conditioner, having a heat pump will ensure that you also have an air conditioner to cool your home. A heat pump will cool the space inside by sucking in heat and releasing it outside.

If you look at the other side of the coin, in the cold winter season, when your home would need heat, a heat pump will work as a heater, which naturally a traditional air conditioner would not be able to do. This is exactly why most commercial and residential spaces have either electric heaters or furnaces.

A heat pump, however, can do both.  It can provide cooling, as well as heating. You can search for heating and air Charleston, SC to get a heat pump installed at your home.

If you want to know how this is possible, then ask the experts in heating and air Charleston, SC, and they will tell you that without the involvement of too much technicality, your heat pump can suck in heat from the external air and release it indoor.

If you’re not a heating and air Charleston, SC expert, this may not sound so clear to you. If you ask how a heat pump can suck in heat from the air outside in the winter, then know that it is capable of doing so because even though the human body feels cold if the temperature is low outside, there is still some heat energy in the air. Heat pumps are able to absorb this heat and release it indoors to warm and heat the house.

Benefits of having heat pump over AC + furnace

Heat pumps are affordable to operate

The reason why you should choose a heat pump instead of an air conditioner and a furnace is that heat pumps are very energy efficient, so you can save a lot of money on your electricity bills when it comes to heating and air Charleston, SC.

Heat pumps won’t burn fossil fuels

Unlike an oil-burning furnace or gas, heat pumps avoid the consumption of fossil fuels to produce heat. This makes heat pumps a more environment friendly heating solution when you talk about heating and air Charleston, SC.

One unit to demand repair and maintenance

When you use a heat pump as your only source of heating and air Charleston, SC, you only have one unit to repair and maintain, and one unit to repair and diagnose if anything goes wrong. This significantly lowers down the cost as there is only one system to maintain.

Heat pumps consumes less space

When you need heating and air Charleston, SC, you often purchase separate appliances for it. In such cases, having a heat pump can save your space, as expansion of the house for space is really expensive and big on the budget.

Disadvantage of Having a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are not so efficient in cold climates

Winter is not that freezing in Charleston, SC. But still, a disadvantage of having a heat pump instead of an AC is that when the temperature is too low, the efficiency of the heat pump falls.

When you know how a heat pump works, this becomes easy to understand. When the air outside is colder, less heat energy is absorbed and released inside, so the heat pump has to work harder and run longer to generate heat energy. Moreover, if the weather is too cold for an extended period of time, the operating cost of the heat pump increases.

The heat pump technology has improved drastically though, and now, heat pumps can run efficiently in colder climates a lot more than they were able to in the past. However, if the temperature outside falls to a point below freezing, there might come a time where a heat pump might fail to provide enough heat.

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