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Reasons Your HVAC Filters Get Clogged and Dirty Quicker Than Usual | HVAC in Charleston, SC

Do you know that clogged HVAC filters are one of the major reasons of cooling and heating problems? Debris and dust get trapped on the air filters restricting the flow of air. This in turn forces the unit to strain more and utilize more energy in order to cool or heat the room more efficiently. If the filters are not cleaned up properly, you end up spending a good amount of money in repairing or replacing your HVAC in Charleston, SC.

What if you get your HVAC filters cleaned up but they still end up getting clogged with dirt and debris sooner than usual? If you find yourself changing the filters more often than usual that means there could be something wrong with your system or the surrounding environment of the system might be causing the problem. A faulty HVAC in Charleston, SC in any season can give you a major headache, not to mention a dent in your wallet. To understand the reasons behind quicker clogged HVAC filters, read on.

Importance of HVAC Filters

The main components of HVAC system are the filters that ensure proper regulation of airflow throughout the house. You need to understand the importance of HVAC filters in order to determine when to get an experienced technician to check your HVAC in Charleston, SC. Following are the three basic things that ensure higher performance and better airflow of your HVAC system:

  • The HVAC filters helps in protecting your air conditioning and furnace equipment. They eliminate airborne particles before they get the chance to enter the unit. This prevents dust and debris buildup on the filters and inside the system and decreases the chances of hindering the operations of your unit.
  • An important thing to understand is that the main aim of the filters is not to enhance the quality of air. They make sure that no foreign object enters the unit and cause damage to any parts which can otherwise reduce the flow and quality of air, as well as escalate harm to the unit.
  • The filters assist in limiting the energy and electricity used by the unit. With clogged filters, the unit has to go on an overdrive to properly function which generates more energy and increase the electric bills.

In order to understand more about HVAC filters and functions, it is best to consult a reliable repair and maintenance service for HVAC in Charleston, SC. An experienced technician can help you with issues with the filters and conduct a thorough inspection and maintenance check for your system.

Reasons HVAC Filters Get Clogged and Dirty Too Fast

While it is essential to get your HVAC filters changed on schedule to avoid clogging, sometimes even after regularly changing the filters may not be adequate. Many homeowners prefer to change the filters themselves instead of getting a professional doing the job. This means they are unable to detect other problems that might be preventing their HVAC system from functioning properly. Keep changing the filters won’t resolve the problem but might worsen the conditions if the right problem is not detected by a professional technician for HVAC in Charleston, SC.

A professional can spot the problem with detailed inspection and can explain why the filters are getting dirty so fast. However, to clear up your confusion, following are some of the common reason your HVAC filters might be getting clogged sooner than usual:

Pet Hair

If you have a pet then their shedding fur could be a main contributing factor behind the dirty filter. The best way to prevent this is by brushing your pet weekly and vacuuming daily.

Setting the Fan to ‘On’

You might have noticed that your thermostat has two fan settings – auto and on. If the fan is set to ‘auto’, it will only blow air when the unit is actively cooling or heating. However, if the fan is set to ‘on’, then the fan will continuously run. This means that the air passes the filter constantly and the filters keep collecting dust and debris.

Extreme Weather

Harsh weather are among the major reasons for issues with your HVAC in Charleston, SC. Extreme cold or hot weather keeps the unit continuously working even when the fan setting is on ‘auto’.

Higher Rating of MERV

If the MERV rating of your filter is high that means the filter can trap the smallest particles as well. Most of the filters allow smaller particles to go through to avoid clogging. Remember thicker filters aren’t necessarily best filters even if they are expensive. There are numerous inexpensive filters available for HVAC in Charleston, SC that can work perfectly for your system, more so than expensive thick filters. Thicker filters with high MERV rating can clog more often. An experienced technician for HVAC in Charleston, SC can help you select the right filters for your system after inspecting its condition.

Unusual Amount of Dust

A dusty home is another major reason that causes the HVAC filters to collect dust and get clogged faster. It could be because of dust gathering in rarely used rooms, renovations in the house or even constructions nearby. In case of unavoidable situations like renovations and constructions in or outside the house, it is best to vacuum the entire house everyday to prevent frequent clogging of the filters.


It is essential to take good care of your HVAC in Charleston, SC to prevent any breakdown and severe damage. Simply vacuuming up the filter if it is getting dirty more often is not going to resolve the problem. However, it can be a temporary solution till you call a skilled technician for inspection and maintenance, and get the filters replaced.

If you are looking for a skilled technician for maintenance or repair of your HVAC in Charleston, SC you can contact our experts by calling or emailing One Call Heating and Air South Carolina. Regular maintenance and inspection can help in preventing the frequent clogging of the filter. If not, our technician can detect the main cause and provide effective solutions so you can reap the full benefits of your HVAC system.