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Air conditioners have become quite common whether it be in a working environment, shopping malls, cinemas, and even households. And with the advent of summer, air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC or in any other area may increase in number. Not to mention services that involve air conditioner repair as well as getting your air conditioner serviced.

Air conditioning systems have a number of effects including:

1. Reduces heat stroke

An air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC can provide the necessary cooling in order to get relief from extremely hot weathers. By getting an air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC you can protect yourself from illnesses or death caused by extreme heat. Those susceptible to illnesses related to heat include children below the age of 4 years, adults who are over 65 years of age, overweight people, and even people who are sick and others who are on specific medication.

2. Increases human efficiency

It is said that in conditions that provide comfort, humans have an increased capacity of working. One such comfort especially from the heat can be provided by an air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC.

If temperature in a workplace goes up, it can cause people working there to feel uncomfortable, get irritated, and even contribute to their lack of concentration. Hot temperatures can also cause a person to become tired quicker than usual.

An air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC can induce a peaceful feeling for the person to work more. Not to mention the clean air can also be a contributing factor.

3. Helps ward off attacks caused by allergies or asthma

According to research, air conditioning can help ward off attack for people having allergies or asthma. It may assist in filtering out pollen from grasses, trees, and weeds that can be airborne. An air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC might aid in keeping pollen out from its circulation indoors.

With a humidity that can decrease indoors because of an air conditioner, the growth of mold and dust mites may be reduced.

4. Reduce the amount of noise

It is obvious that when you have an air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC you have to keep the windows and doors closed so that cool air does not get out and the air conditioner functions properly in terms of cooling. The closing of windows and doors results in less noise from entering the air conditioned place. This gives the room a quiet feeling and can also help in a good night’s sleep. This effect is also useful in hospitals as well as theaters. Even the sound made by the air conditioner may not be too much.

If you want to further reduce the noise inside a room, you can always soundproof it.

How air conditioners negatively affect health

Air conditioners can cause sick building syndrome. These include conditions that result from spending time in a specific environment indoors. To feel dizzy, eyes to become itchy, throat to become dry, and nausea are the symptoms of this syndrome.

1. May cause fatigue

According to research, it is shown that with people who work in environments that are overly air conditioned, fatigue and headaches that are chronic can occur. It is recommended that a healthy level of physical activity is performed each day.

2. Can cause to become susceptible to colds

If you work in a place where the environment is constantly getting blasted with cold air from an air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC, then you may experience difficulty in breathing and even a continuous mucous membrane irritation. This increases the risks of flu’s as well as colds. This can be mitigated through regular maintenance of filters.

3. You skin can get dry

If you spend a lot of time in an air conditioned room or environment then your skin may lose the moisture it needs. And if you are not one in the habit of frequently applying moisturizers then your skin can become dry. This is similar to the case in winters where skin can become dry without the necessary moisture. This can be overcome with the use of humidifiers.

4. Contributes to the effects of chronic illness

Systems of central air conditioning may add to the effects of the illness you might already be suffering from. Air conditioners may enhance symptoms that include arthritis, neuritis, and even blood pressure that is low. It may complicate the management of pain for people who rely on air conditioners.

5. Reduce capability of bearing heat

If you spend a lot of time in your air conditioned office and then in your air conditioned room at home, or in an air conditioned environment in general, then you may be more intolerant to the hot weather especially during the summer than the other person who does not spend much time in an air conditioned environment. Your body may become stressed when you transition from a cool, air conditioned environment to the sweltering heat of the summer outdoors. A sudden change in temperature may also have an impact on your health. The intolerance may also contribute to more deaths related to the heat in the situation of a heat wave.

6. The car air conditioner may not be healthy

If you have an air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC in your car then it is likely that you use the air conditioner especially in hot weather to counter the heat inside the car, especially when you are stuck in traffic in the heat. But these car air conditioners can cause breathing problems as they circulate germs and micro-organisms.

7. Can aggravate conditions concerning your eyes

Air conditioning can aggravate eye conditions like conjunctivitis and blepharitis, and even result in issues for people who wear contact lenses.

8. Can cause respiratory problems

Air conditioners are although said to give out fresh and filtered air, the abrupt change in temperature and humidity can have an impact on the respiratory system.

For air conditioner installation in Mt. Pleasant Area – SC, you can contact One Call Heating and Air.

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