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Everyone understands that the air outdoors can sometimes become polluted enough to pose health risks. However, some might not know that indoor air can be even more hazardous. Left unchecked, the relatively small, enclosed space inside your Charleston, SC, home can lead to certain pollutants building up to unsafe levels. This is especially problematic if you or someone in your family suffers from asthma. Here’s what you need to know about easing your asthma symptoms through improved IAQ:

The Problem with Indoor Air

You may not notice it, but the air in your home likely contains a wide range of contaminants. This may include anything from dust and dander to smoke to fungal spores. Many homes also contain volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are gases that are emitted from paints, cleaning supplies, building materials, furniture, office equipment, and more. All of these contaminants can potentially spread through your HVAC system and become concentrated in the confines of your home.

How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

What makes poor indoor air quality so insidious is that you may not even notice the problem. Exposure to poor air quality often leads to symptoms that are easy to mistake for another cause. For asthma sufferers, this most often means more frequent and intense asthma symptoms. If your asthma seems to become worse whenever you’re at home, there’s a good chance that poor IAQ is the culprit.

Improving IAQ in Your Home

The good news is that improving your home’s IAQ doesn’t have to be a major challenge. Simply installing high-quality HVAC filters may be enough to remedy minor problems. For more serious cases, there are a variety of air filtration and purification solutions to help you breathe easier. An HVAC professional can help you assess your air quality and find the solution that’s most appropriate for your home.

Asthma is a serious condition that’s difficult enough to manage under normal circumstances. If you or a family member has asthma, it’s important to ensure your home’s air quality isn’t making things worse. For more on how you can improve your air quality, check out One Call Heating and Air’s indoor air quality services or call today.

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