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How Does a Dirty Air Filter Affect Your Comfort and HVAC in Charleston, SC?

If we ask you, what will happen if the air filter of your HVAC in Charleston, SC gets dirty or clogged, will you know the answer?

I am sure that most of you will be unaware of the answer whereas, the remaining few will say that the indoor air quality will degrade.

The question arises, is degraded indoor air quality the only side effect of a clogged air filter?

The answer is NO!

There are multiple other things that are affected due to the accumulation of dirt and other debris in the air filter. They obstruct the air flowing through the HVAC and as a result, the furnace or the air conditioner is forced to work harder which can cause damage to the unit. Sometimes, if this issue is not timely resolved, the HVAC system fails entirely.

Furthermore, dirty air filters also increase the energy consumption of the unit which in turn increases the electricity bills. If you are in search of in-depth information regarding the adverse effects caused by dirty air filters, then, read on to find out the top 5 issues caused by obstructed airflow to your HVAC in Charleston, SC due to a clogged filter.

Clogs Result in Increased Energy Consumption

Every HVAC system’s performance in an efficient manner is dependent on the proper circulation of air. However, as the dirt and other debris accumulate in the air filter, this air circulation is hindered. As a result, it becomes difficult for the blower fan of your HVAC in Charleston, SC to draw air. This forces the fan to work harder and as the amount of work increases, the energy consumption also increases and hence, the electricity bills hike up.

Studies of the Department of Energy have shown that a clogged air filter can increases your electricity bill by up to 15%. This inefficient performance of your HVAC system will increase further as the air filter accumulates more dirt and other debris. It will keep increasing until you change the air filter or get it cleaned by a professional.

Dirty Air Filters Result in Frozen Evaporator Coils

Is your air conditioner unable to attain your required temperature? Is it producing less air then it should?

If yes, then, this means that the evaporator coils of your HVAC in Charleston, SC have frozen and the main culprit behind this is a dirty air filter. This happens because clogged filters obstruct the flow of air through the evaporator coils and as a result, they fail to dissipate the condensation produced while cooling. This condensation accumulates within the coils and freezes them.

These frozen evaporator coils not only reduce the efficiency of the system but, if you fail to timely address this issue, then, they can completely damage your HVAC in Charleston, SC and you will be forced to buy a new system. Therefore, if you notice a reduction in cool air induction in your house, then you should contact a professional immediately to avoid a major issue.

Dirty Air Filters Deteriorate the Indoor Air Quality

Do you notice a musty odor when you enter your house? Do you suffer from coughing and other allergic reactions while indoors?

If yes, then this means that the indoor air quality of your house has degraded and none other than a dirty air filter is the main reason behind it. As the dirt and other such contaminants clog the air filter, it causes the harmful particles that should be filtered out to enter your house premises.

These contaminants which include, bacteria, fungi, dust, dirt and pollen circulate in your house with the air and cause health hazards. They result in allergies and are specifically harmful to people with asthma because they trigger attacks. They cause inflammation in the nasal passage and can result in an infection known as a Sinus infection.

These pathogens can affect children faster than adults as they have a weak immune system. These contaminants come in contact with them by hiding in curtains, bed sheets, carpets and other such places which are mostly the kids’ play areas. If you notice a reduction in your air quality, then, you should contact a technician to clean your HVAC in Charleston, SC to avoid health hazards.

Dirty Air Filters can Result in Furnace Failure

Has your HVAC in Charleston, SC ever stopped in the midst of a cold night?

We bet your answer to this question will be “many times!” Anyways, one of the culprits behind the sudden stoppage of your furnace could be a clogged air filter. Another reason could be the improper installation of a new filter.

Clogged filters cause internal damage to the furnace components which can result in minor faults. However, if you fail to take notice of these minor glitches, then, over the span of usage, this damage will magnify and eventually your furnace will stop working.

Increase in Wear and Tear of the System

Your HVAC in Charleston, SC takes a certain amount of air every time it cycles. However, if your air filter is clogged, then, it will hinder the airflow. As a result, Your HVAC system’s components will work harder to draw more air. This not only increases the energy consumption but, it also causes a lot of wear and tear in the system. As the dirt increases, the airflow decreases and work of the system increases. Eventually, the system fails to handle the load and it breaks down.

If your air filter is clogged, then, you should either clean or change it immediately to save your HVAC in Charleston, SC from these effects. If you fail to timely resolve this issue, then, your HVAC system might suffer from major damage and sometimes it completely breaks down.

If you are in search of a professional for HVAC issues then contact One Call Heating and Air South Carolina by clicking here. Our expert professionals will diagnose your issue and solve it accordingly.