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Beware of These Common Winter Heating Problems

As the weather turns cold, you will start using the heating system in your Folly Beach, South Carolina, home. You must make sure that your system is working properly. While your home’s heat pump may not have had any issues in past years, you might notice some problems this winter and need a quick repair. Here are the following three common problems you might encounter with your heating system.

Inconsistent Heating

Often, one or two rooms are colder than the rest of the house. Inconsistent heating has several potential causes, including dirty coils, a dirty air filter, or an issue with the insulation or sealing throughout your home or in the ductwork. Try adding caulk around your windows, weatherstripping to the outside doors, and changing your system’s air filter. If you still experience inconsistent heating, have a technician inspect your insulation and heating unit.

Unusual Noises

If you hear rattling, hissing, or clanging inside your unit after it turns on, these sounds could signal a variety of issues, including a loose part or pipes rubbing together. A loose part could be causing further damage to your system, so quickly turn off the heat and call for an inspection. An experienced technician will be able to perform a proper inspection of your unit to determine the issue and necessary repair.

Continuously Running Blower

If your blower is running continuously, that could be caused by a dirty air filter, a problem with the limit switch, a stuck relay, or the fan being switched to the “On” position. First, try checking and changing the air filter and the fan mode on your thermostat. If that doesn’t solve the issue, call in a professional for an inspection and repair.

If you continue to experience any of these heating problems, call One Call Heating and Air today at (843) 258-4686. We will inspect and quickly repair your heating system, so you can stay warm and comfortable this winter.