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The Best Thermostat for Your HVAC System Available in Charleston, SC

The Best Thermostat for Your HVAC System Available in Charleston, SC

You must have a heating and AC system if you live in a city like Charleston, SC that has quite a harsh weather. Each HVAC system comes with a device that helps in operating it. A few years ago heating and cooling machines were operated by means of a remote control.

And about 2 decades ago there wasn’t even a remote control. Most machines were operated manually!

However, times have drastically changed now. Heating and AC units are now operated through touch pads and tablets designed specifically for them. For example, the touchscreen thermostat! It is not only used to change the temperature settings but you can also use it as a monitoring tool of your home for the purpose of keeping the energy consumption of your house under control.


Due to the tough weather conditions in Charleston, SC people living here need a full heating and air condition service to sustain their HVAC equipment.

The good news is that they have several of these service providers through which they can avail separate air conditioning service, heating service and thermostat maintenance from. This practice allows them to easily identify common flaws in their system including the problems that may be arising in their thermostat.

The thermostat is an essential part of the system which has the capability to disrupt the functioning of the entire system if it stops working. Choosing the type of thermostat that fits your HVAC system is an important decision whether you are installing it for the first time or replacing an old one. A thermostat is a device that regulates the heating and cooling temperature of your home. In Charleston, SC you can find many types of thermostats. These vary in design and are upgraded with the improvement in technology.

Types of Thermostat

If you are installing an HVAC system in your Charleston, SC home for the first time, you must have an idea about the type of thermostat that would suit you the most. If you already have an old system installed in your home and looking to upgrade it, you must know about the latest and the best options to get it replaced with.

Let’s have a look at the different types!

1.     Non-Programmable

Many people in Charleston, SC who belong to the older generation use this type of thermostat as they work more or less like a remote control. There is a screen on it that shows you what temperature you have set. However, you have to use the buttons present on the side of the screen to alter the temperature. A couple of buttons are given to increase or decrease the temperature while one main button is placed for turning the system ON or OFF.

It is a digital machine but rather outdated. Many people still prefer it but it is certainly better to change it. Many times the heating and air conditioning repair team you call may be able to help you in repairing it, but if you need a replacement, that may be a little harder to go about.

To improve your ease of use, you should consider better options.

2.     Programmable

Many homes in Charleston, SC already have HVAC systems but they are very old and only working because of regular heating and AC repair. As a consequence they keep getting higher bills. Many people assume that the government taxes are the main cause for such high bills, however, they fail to notice that the older their HVAC system is the higher the bills would be too. They must upgrade to the new programmable thermostat that keeps their energy bills in check. It also has buttons but the reset is not needed frequently as it shifts the temperature itself.

When temperatures of the system are altered manually the fluctuation gives a boost to the meter and bills grow higher and higher. However, if temperature changes automatically as per the behavior of the house occupants, the bills reduce. It does not only make it more convenient and time saving to use but also makes it monetarily beneficial. It also keeps any damage away from your HVAC system and prevents most heating and air conditioning repair needs.

A programmable thermostat also has many types. Let’s have look at the most prominent ones!

a)     Touch Screen

A touch screen thermostat is a type of the programmable thermostat that works via touch. In a dusty city like Charleston, SC it becomes hard to clean out the buttons of small devices. It does not have any buttons so it is easier to clean. Touch screen is also quite easy to operate due to the fact that most of our devices are now based on the touch technology.

b)     Wireless

Another type of the programmable thermostat is a wireless one. It works completely like a tablet. People who prefer to alter the temperature of their homes while they are still on their way to it will absolutely love this device. Imagine a cold Charleston, SC night when you are driving just a few minutes away from your home and you want to make your living room warm and ready before you step foot inside your home. Now you can simply do it from your car seat.

Get it Installed and Fixed at One Call

You may still be using an old thermostat with not much capacity which still needs you to change the temperature yourself. It does the job for you but it is certainly not the most preferable one. You need a programmable thermostat that gives you unparalleled comfort.

You can find installation, replacement and repair services of your thermostat all in one place. In fact One Call Heating and Air also provides heating and AC repair and full air conditioning service. All your heating and air condition service needs can be catered by their expert team. They are the best in Charleston, SC for keeping your HVAC system working to its full potential.