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Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC: Let the Professionals Handle the Job at Hand

Just think for a minute that it is the middle of a sweltering summer and your nice, cold air-conditioning unit in the living room breaks down. This will definitely ruin many of your summer plans as you try and figure out exactly what it is that you should be doing to remedy this unfortunate state of affairs.  However, you may try to figure out for yourself what exactly has gone wrong before you give up and opt to try for some impromptu Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC, on your own.

However, there are times that you may not be able to figure out the problem by yourself. If that happens, then it is absolutely necessary to call in the experts at Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC. But before you decide to do so, it will be quite prudent to try and see if it’s a small problem that can easily be fixed without the need for calling in any experts. There are many steps that you can safely take on your own before you decide to call in the true professionals of Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC.

  • Trouble Shooting Your AC: How to Do the Job Properly

There are many common problems and issues that can stop the AC from working properly. However, many of them can be easily avoided by the simple expedient of following many operational procedures based on common sense along with some basic maintenance of the air conditioning unit. However, should the trouble shooting efforts fail, it is imperative that you take the help of properly qualified experts of Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC.

  • Not Being Able to Switch the AC on

This is arguably one of the most well-known problems when it comes to malfunctioning ACs. Once you press the ‘on’ button on the remote control of the air conditioner, nothing happens whatsoever. As in, the machine does not start at all, not the fan or even the heating element (in case it’s a heating capable AC unit). And it does not matter how many times you continue to press the button because the machine stubbornly refuses to work at all. However, there is no need to panic as such since the problem may be something as innocuous as a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. All you should have to do in case of such an eventuality will be to replace the blown fuse or reset the main circuit breaker system. And while at it, do not forget to check the batteries in the remote. If worn out batteries are used or if the unit has been left unused for a lengthy period of time, then the odds are that the batteries are useless. In this case, calling in the highly skilled technicians who are professionally trained to conduct Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC, will not only be overkill but also quite embarrassing.

•  Taking Care of Thermostat Related Problems

Just about each and every AC unit has a functional thermostat that helps to regulate the room temperature properly enough to ensure that it provides cool and refreshing air.  However, if you were to set the wrong thermostat settings, then of course the AC unit will only generate the output as required by the thermostat. Before calling in the top experts for Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC, it is important to check your thermostat settings. If it’s a heat enabled unit and the temperature is set to winter specifications, then it will naturally heat up the room instead of cooling it down. However, if you set the temperature at its minimum setting and still do not get the desired cooling, then yes, it is certainly time to get on the phone to call in the real professionals in this field.

This holds particularly true if the thermostat has stopped working properly. This generally happens when the AC unit is an old model and as with all other parts, thermostats also have a specific working life and once the thermoset (or any other part for that matter) has completed its service life, it should be replaced immediately by the skilled experts in Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC.

•  Taking Care of Ducting Issues

Sometimes the ‘throw’ of even a really powerful split AC unit may be compromised due to dirty and blocked ducts. These should be properly cleaned in order to ensure that the AC starts working at its optimum capacity. While it is certainly possible to clean the ducts on your own, it is advisable to call in the experts in the fieldfor a thorough jobsince they have the requisite experience as well as equipment to get the job done properly without creating a mess.

•  Low Amount of Refrigerant Gas Can Lower the Cooling Effect

This is a simple rule of thumb. If the AC is running on low refrigerant, then it is axiomatic to assume that it will not be able to cool properly.  However, once it has been topped up to its maximum capacity, then of course, the AC will work perfectly well and give the desired cooling, as and when required. However, this definitely is a job for highly skilled and trained experts of Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC and as such, all DIY (do it yourself) attempts should be avoided.

•  Conclusion

These are a few simple tips that can ensure a long and hassle-free service life for your AC. For any other questions and queries with regard to the service as well as Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC, you can contact “One Call Heating and Air South Carolina” at https://www.onecallhomeservices.net. These people are known to be the proven experts in this field in the