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8 Types of Heating and Cooling Options to Bring You the Ultimate Comfort Heating and AC Service in Charleston, SC

8 Types of Heating and Cooling Options to Bring You the Ultimate Comfort | Heating and AC Service in Charleston, SC

The residents of Charleston, SC face a highly challenging weather where they have to deal with hot summers and winters that although do not freeze but still turn their homes into a refrigerator.

You can protect yourself from this harsh weather by installing the heating and AC system that benefits you the most. There are several options for you to choose from so you can have the best comfort available in the market.

Let’s have a look at a few of these options!

1.     Single Stage HVAC System

This system is most efficient in extreme weathers as it works at full capacity around the year. The heating and cooling is either very high or not at all. It does not slow down even when the temperature is mild. This causes a spike in electricity bills making it difficult for you to afford it. You would probably not need this one in Charleston, SC as there are rarely any extremities with regards to weather here.

2.     Multiple Stage HVAC System

This heating and AC system works exactly like the single stage system, however, it slows down automatically with the fluctuation in temperature. This creates energy saving as for limited time the system consumes less energy helping you to afford your electricity bill.

You would certainly prefer it for your Charleston, SC to avoid getting really high electricity bills.

3.     Split HVAC Systems

This is the traditional HVAC system found in most homes in Charleston, SC. They are very common as the heating and air conditioning repair in these systems is quite easy. It has all the common parts including an air conditioner, a fan, a furnace, air ducts, an evaporator and a thermostat. These parts are commonly available if they need to be replaced and also less costly to fix.

4.     Systems based on Zoning

This system is very rare. Only homes in Charleston, SC with large spatial distribution can avail it. It works as per the requirement of each zone in the house. For instance, if one room has a cold temperature and the other one is slightly warm, this system will provide heating and cooling to each room accordingly.

5.     Hybrid HVAC Systems

These are similar to the split systems however they provide the option to change the fuel source making an addition to your cost-saving efforts. Now you can use electricity for fuelling your heat pumps instead of using gas making it safer and a lot less costly for you. Since, gas poses the threat of leakage it not only gets wasted but also keeps you in an unsafe environment.

The heating and air conditioning repair needed in the hybrid systems becomes affordable for you and you can maintain it regularly as per need.

6.     Stand Alone Heating Systems

As the name suggests, these systems work independently. That means if you install these you will only be able to avail heating option which is not a very wise option in a city like Charleston, SC as it already has rather hot summers.

A stand alone heating system would surely keep you warm during the winters but you definitely need an air conditioning service along with heat.

7.     Stand Alone Cooling Systems

If you only want to use air conditioning service, you should install these systems. If the mild winter of Charleston, SC seems bearable to you without the need of a heater, you can use these stand alone systems. In this system the only apparent advantage you have is the fact that heating and AC repair needs are only limited to a few parts that this stand alone system carries like a condenser, an evaporator and a compressor.

You can save money because you don’t have many parts to look after.

The only factor that you need to consider before installing this system in your Charleston, SC home is the size of the air conditioner. The size depends on the room you are trying to cover. For instance, if you just need to cover your bedroom, then a small sized air conditioner would be sufficient however if you want to cover your living area, hall and the entire kitchen with it then you should find a medium sized machine that gives you the kind of boost needed for your complete comfort.

Many heating and AC repair companies can guide you in respect of the size that you should install so that any amount of future maintenance can be carried out easily.

8.     Ductless HVAC Systems

The ductless systems are designed specifically for old homes where it is not really possible to add ducts. Therefore, a ductless system keeps the temperature of such a house under control. In Charleston, SC many houses that have been built for quite some years, have rather weak foundations and walls that make it difficult to reconstruct ducts inside them.

Therefore, they rely on HVAC systems that are ductless.

If you live in a particularly old home and you want to install an HVAC system, any competent heating and air condition service provider like One Call Heating and Air would suggest you to install a system that is duct-free so you can protect your home and still enjoy the comfort of the temperature that suits you.

A duct-free system has a fan coil, a heat pump and a thermostat. Again, these are the kind of parts that can be easily taken care of if you employ an efficient heating and air condition service in Charleston, SC.

Good advice always pays off especially if it is in regard to your living conditions. The team of experts at One Call Heating and Air can guide you through the entire process of the installation of your HVAC. In fact, you can count on them to be available for any repairs you may need in the system after installation. They can be available at your home in only a few hours resolving any problems you may be facing and protecting you from huge costs and faulty equipment.