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5 Reasons Why You Need Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston, SC

Summertime is a fun time to spend your days out in the beautiful sunshine, soaking in the sun’s rays to get some vitamin D. Whether it’s a day out on the beach with friends or just a family picnic in the backyard, everything becomes enjoyable in summer. Although the increasing temperature in the climate and the rising heat from the sun can be a little mood ruining for some people. For people who have little time for fun and more time for work, the summer heat can be very unwelcoming.

The pouring sweat and dryness leads to dehydration and the body gets worked out in only a small amount of time and everything just gets very annoying and irritating. So you end up spending more time inside the house with your best friend for the season, the mighty air conditioner. On a hot summer day the cool breeze of the air conditioner makes us realize how much we owe to technology.

An air conditioner is a machine that needs to be on a working routine for it to keep working efficiently. If you have an air conditioner that hasn’t been turned on for a while, you are pretty much going to be needing air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC for it to keep giving you cool air. Like every machine air conditioner also needs to be handled with professional care.

One wrong move or a tiny wire gets out of its place and your air conditioner will suffer and you will too. So always be sure to get experts when you’re looking to get your air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC. But before you do call for help, look for signs that your air conditioner is giving you. Keep reading below to find out if your air conditioner is making thing easy breezy for you or not.

1. Where is the Cool Air?

Air conditioners are supposed to do one job. They basically were built for one and one reason only. And that was to give you cool air. But if you see that your air conditioner is not being able to produce cool air for you then it surely needs air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC. You will feel that the air conditioner is giving off air but it’s not cold. The room doesn’t feel any cooler than before the air conditioner was switched on. And the reason behind this problem is that the compressor on your air conditioner has probably expired and therefore the air leaving from the air conditioner is no longer cool. So call in one of the experts of air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC and get your cool air back.

2. It’s Hot and It’s Cold

If you have a central air conditioning system and you feel like some part of the house is warmer than the other part of the house, even though the temperature of the air conditioner is balanced altogether, then it’s most likely that your air conditioner has some fault in it. If one room of the house is cooler than the other room, there is a thermostatic issue in the central air conditioner of your house. The thermostat of the air conditioner can be adjusted accordingly but if you notice the temperatures being different in various areas of the house then get air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC for your air conditioner. One of the reasons for this could be a problem in your duct work, but don’t worry because that’s not a problem for our men at air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC.

3. Flow of Air

Many times it happens that your air conditioner is giving you cool air but the flow of this cool air isn’t enough. To make sure that the air flow can be adjusted, try increasing the flow speed to the maximum and let it stay that way for a while. If you still find a reduced flow of air from the air conditioner then there’s definitely a problem. The compression unit of the air conditioner might be facing some difficulty with its mechanism. Or another issue that could be the reason for reduced air flow is your air vents and the debris stuck in it. This debris makes it hard for cool air to pass through easily and can also be harmful to inhale. Professionals who know how to deal with such problems are only one call away, so don’t wait too long before calling in for air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC.

4. High Humidity

You’re sitting in the room with your family enjoying the cool air from the air conditioning and in that moment,  you realize that the atmosphere of the room has changed. It has gotten more humid and you can feel the moisture around you. Air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC becomes a must if you’re experiencing this issue with your air conditioner. A leakage or wetness surrounding your conditioner should not be ignored. One of the two reasons behind this is refrigerant leakage or the water coolers inside the air conditioner have been blocked which is causing the moisture to escape outside. You can get air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC for both of these reasons because if these reasons are not addressed properly they can cause your air conditioner to get worse with time.

5. The Strange Smell

Machines are not supposed to give off strange smells. But if you notice that your air conditioner smells funny then it’s time to get air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC. The cause of the smell is the wire insulation machine which is installed inside the air conditioner is simmering and burning. If this isn’t the reason, then the built up of the decaying fungi in the wiring of the air conditioner is definitely causing the bad smell. To avoid this uncomfortable experience of living in a house that smells weird, get regular air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC.

These were just a few main highlighted reasons you can call for air conditioning repair in Charleston, SC but if you experience any sort of problem with your air conditioner, let our professionals have a look at it and fix it up for you. Click here to find out more about our promising services.