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A new HVAC system must be properly sized for your Charleston, South Carolina, home. If the system is the wrong size, it won’t perform as it should. Central air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces must all be sized to precisely meet your home’s indoor comfort requirements. Here’s why accurate HVAC sizing is so important:

1. Don’t Get a System That’s Too Big

The biggest problem with overly large HVAC systems is their higher upfront cost and spotty indoor comfort. An oversized system will short cycle. It will turn itself on, quickly achieve the desired thermostat setting and then turn off. The result is uneven heating and cooling throughout your home and reduced indoor air circulation.

2. Don’t Get a System That’s Too Small

A system that’s too small won’t be able to handle the demands of heating and cooling your home. It will run almost constantly as it tries to achieve and maintain the thermostat setting. Smaller units are cheaper and less costly to install. However, energy usage will skyrocket because the system will run almost constantly. Parts wear out, HVAC repairs increase, and the unit won’t last as long as it should.

3. Make Sure Your System Is the Right Size

An experienced HVAC contractor can perform a full Manual J load calculation according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. This formula is used to calculate your home’s heating and cooling requirements. It takes into account your home’s square footage, orientation, shape, insulation, shade trees, windows, doors, appliances and lighting.

4. Get Your Ductwork Checked

Ductwork is notorious for losing heated and cooled air. All the benefits of a properly sized system can quickly go up in smoke if treated air is escaping through leaky ducts.

At One Call Heating and Air, we’ll complete a full Manual J load calculation. It will precisely determine the heating and cooling loads of your home. Call us at (843) 258-4686 to learn more, or schedule a free HVAC installation consultation.

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