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3 Reasons Home Automation Is a Good Investment

Home automation has revolutionized the way homeowners interact with their homes. By using smart devices that wirelessly connect to each other, you get hands-free, remote control over your Charleston, SC, home’s temperature, appliances, lighting, and entertainment systems. Consider the following ways home automation will benefit you and your family:

Energy Savings

Your investment in a home automation system instantly begins paying for itself in reduced energy costs. These devices are designed to heat and cool your home using less power and fuel, which slashes your carbon footprint. Built-in monitoring tools allow you to control temperatures while you are away. Suggestions are offered to show how you can cut back on energy usage. With the right equipment, utility bills drop as much as one-third, saving you a potential $2,000 annually.

Home Security

Automated products also offer new ways to protect your home. This small investment in your safety shields your family from dangerous humidity levels, toxic particles, and lethal carbon monoxide leaks. Depending on the system you select, you can even integrate security monitoring tools that connect to doorbell cameras, flip on lights at night, or lock down your entire house with the tap of a button.

Personal Comfort

Temperatures fluctuate greatly within a home based on the presence of shade trees and direct sunlight. Since heat rises, an upstairs floor is also noticeably warmer. Meanwhile, unused spaces, such as guest rooms, only need occasional heating or cooling.

A home zoning network consists of individual sensors or thermostats that control temperature differences throughout your home. This not only reduces your energy consumption by up to 30 percent but also enables you to customize comfort for your personal needs.

One Call Heating and Air specializes in equipping your home with home automation tools that increase your comfort and save you money. Contact our expert service technicians today to discover the benefits of upgrading your HVAC equipment to the latest technology.