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3 Facts to Know About Whole-Home Surge Protection

You may now have more electronics in your Charleston, South Carolina, home than you’ve ever had before. Unfortunately, if you have a power surge, many of your electronics may be damaged, which can be costly. To prevent that damage, you may want to consider getting whole-home surge protection. Here are three facts you need to know about whole-home surge protection.

Most Power Surges Occur in the Home

Power surges happen after an area experiences a boost in electrical charge. The increase in the power current can damage electrical equipment and wiring.

There are two types of power surges: internal and external. External power surges occur when something happens outside your home, like a tree limb touching a power line, lightning striking, or other such events. Internal power surges are more common and happen when devices turn on or off and cause more power to hit the home at once.

Whole-Home Surge Protection Occurs at Three Levels

When you have whole-home surge protection, you can extend the life of your HVAC system and all your plug-in electrical devices. You can also protect your home’s electric wiring.

There are three locations you can focus your efforts on to avoid power surges: at your home’s electric meter, in your electric panel, and at the point of use. A professional can install an adapter for your electric meter to protect it against most lightning strikes. A professional can install a device in your electric meter to protect your home from most surges. Point-of-use surge protectors, like power strips, act as the last line of defense for electronics that use a lot of power.

All Homes Need Surge Protection

Most homes have high levels of technology within them, but any home should have whole-home surge protection. Whole-home surge protectors are inexpensive and easy for electricians to install.

When you are ready to take your home’s surge protection to the next level, contact the professionals at One Call Heating and Air at (843) 258-4686. We can give you more information, some advice, and install your whole-home surge protector.