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Month: August 2017

Winter is coming! And so are the Furnace Problems in Mt. Pleasant Area, SC

With the winter just round the corner, people realize that they’ve neglected their furnace for the past couple months. In the hot summers, all that concerns people is a well maintained cooling system. That’s why most people fail to maintain their furnaces. And when it’s time to finally switch on that heating, they’re only met … Read More >

Heat Pumps in Charleston, SC — Are they Better than Furnaces?

Now that Charleston, SC is on its way to facing the bitter cold of winters, it’s time to equip your home to meet the heating standards of the area. The normal respite of every resident is to opt for a heating furnace. However, you want a long term, efficient heating system for your home. While … Read More >

Signs that you need air conditioning repair in Mt. Pleasant Area, SC

Most people only call the air conditioning repair service in Mt. Pleasant Area, SC when their air conditioning stops working. There’s just one problem with this approach – you will have to spend a few days without air conditioning. This is simply unbearable in the middle of the summers. While Mt. Pleasant Area, SC doesn’t … Read More >

Lowering Your Air Conditioner Repair Costs in Charleston, SC

Everyone dreads having to call the air conditioner repair service because of how much it can cost. However, did you know that you can reduce this cost significantly? If you start acting proactively, you will end up saving a lot of money. Here’s the problem: we usually only call the air conditioner repair service in … Read More >

Indoor Air Quality – The Attack of the Allergens in Charleston, SC

Tired of environmental pollution? Who isn’t! With chemical emissions and industries releasing harmful gases in the air, the air quality is slowly decreasing. That’s when people try to fight the adverse effects of air pollution by making sure that the indoor air quality in this house is healthy and safe. But many a times, all … Read More >