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Month: June 2017

Top 5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Breakdown This Summer

In the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, we all welcome the summer whole-heartedly as it is one of the best times of the year. Joyful summer vacations including visits to beach resorts and the theme parks, getting to enjoy pina coladas, and much more, makes the summer season our favorite. On the other hand, the … Read More >

7 Ways to Reduce Air Conditioning Bills

The ever-changing weather conditions can bring many modifications in our daily lives. With the altering climate, everything, including what you wear, what you eat, how you feel, and surprisingly, also how much you pay on monthly maintenance, can shift. With the arrival of summer, high electricity bills, due to excessive usage of the AC, are … Read More >

A Detailed Look at the AC Repair Services in Mt. Pleasant Area, SC

Mt. Pleasant is a beautiful town and there are various AC repairing services available here. The best repair and service companies though, offer a number of unmatched advantages to attract more customers. Here, we share some of the best advantages that you get with the right heating and AC repair service in Mt. Pleasant Area, … Read More >

Does the Problem Lie with the Air Conditioner or Just You?

Coming home to an air-conditioned room after a tired day at work is one of the most rewarding experiences you can get out of life. Of course, the air conditioner has to remain turned on while you and your family has gone out for it to sustain the cool temperatures you are so accustomed to. … Read More >

Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Air Conditioner

The summer and winter of Charleston, SC can be quite punishing without properly functioning air conditioning and heating. The summer in Mt. Pleasant Area, SC isn’t so temperate either with the temperatures reaching up to 56.1°F and the winter season can bring about uncomfortably low temperatures as well. The Heating and Air Conditioning systems deserve … Read More >