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Month: March 2017


Signs That Your Air Conditioner Requires Repairs in Charleston, SC

With the winter is almost over the time has come when every home owner in Charleston, SC is wondering if their air conditioning units are still functional. The winters lasted quite a while here in Charleston, SC and most people haven’t even turned on their air conditioning units for the past few months. Since these … Read More >


Warning Signs to Watch Out for Air Conditioner Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC

With the summer soon approaching, the subtropical climate of Mt. Pleasant Area, Sc will make it mandatory that you switch on the air conditioners. But, if you do not arrange routinely maintenance and AC inspection by professionals, you will have to spend large amounts of money on the expensive air conditioner repairs in Mt. Pleasant … Read More >


Charleston, SC Air Conditioning Repair: Here’s What the Professionals Do

Once considered a luxury, air conditioners have now become an integral part of nearly every household. A study conducted in 2011 showed that 100 million homes in the United States now have the facility of air conditioning. Accordingly, the repair along with the maintenance of air conditioners, as in the case of every electrical appliance, … Read More >