Air Handlers in Charleston, SC

What is an Air Handler?

There are so many different components that make up a heating and cooling unit sometimes it can become confusing.  However, each component in your HVAC unit has a specific and vital role in ensuring that your home receives the optimal comfort levels that you come to expect. An air handler is just one part of the components that make up your heating and air system.

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What Does an Air Handler Do?

Basically, an air handler does essentially what it sounds like it would do, it handles the air that circulates through your heating and cooling system.  The air handler is the indoor component of a split-system air conditioner or heat pump.  The Air handler contains the blower, evaporator coil and a multitude of other components that make up your ventilation system. The evaporator coil within the air handler removes heat from the air which is then in turn expelled through the series of ducts within your home.

Since your air handler will often contain heat strips that will provide you with an additional boost for heating, it is often mistakenly referred to as an electric furnace. However, there are different heating and cooling systems that function as true electric furnaces that operate in different methods than an air handler. The purpose of the heat strips within your air handler are to provide sufficient heat when it gets cool enough outside but just cold enough to justify having a furnace.

Types of Air Handlers

Fan Coils or Blower Coils – These are the smallest types of air handler units. These type of units are typically composed of little more than a fan and a heat transfer coil. In order to prevent the coils from getting dirt and debris there will also be a filter included. Fan coils or blower coils generally just serve a single temperature zone.

Packaged Air Handler Units – These are common units that are found in smaller buildings and commercial establishments, particularly as rooftop units.  These types of air handler units will generally contain fans, coils, filters, and dampers. Often, a packaged AHU will contain its own air conditioning compressors and means for heating such as electric heating coils, heat pump coils, or even gas burners. These units will often serve single zones but larger units called variable air volume air handler units can serve multiple zones.

Modular Air Handler Units – A modular AHU allows for the selection of individual components housed within modules. These modules will be assembled at the factory or the components can be shipped individually and assembled on-site.  A modular air handler unit generally will allow for greater flexibility.

Custom Air Handler Units – This type of AHU is available in most if not all configurations that a user may require. Custom air handlers are usually constructed from the highest quality materials and are most commonly found at institutional or industrial sites where certain conditions must be met.  They can be applied in irregular spaces that would not work with other types of units and they can be configured to virtually any combination of air processing components.

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