Air Filtration Systems in Charleston, SC

Air Filtration Systems

Today’s construction materials for residential homes are better than ever.  With the advent in technologies that allow home’s to be built tighter and extremely insulated it helps homeowners save a ton on the costs of energy in heating and cooling the home.  However, there is a negative side effect to this.

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Indoor air pollution is becoming a common problem in homes across the United States due to these greater energy efficient designs.  Indoor air pollution contributes to inflicting greater harm on chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, and even encourages ill health effects even with strong and healthy persons.  One way to combat indoor air pollution is by using HEPA air filters. These filters can assist you with achieving better air quality in your home or business.

Providing a Higher Standard in Air Quality

High Efficiency Particulate Air filters or HEPA filters for short are effective at removing 99.7% of air born particles that are 03 microns or above in size. HEPA filters accomplish this through the use of what is called a diffusion filter.  A pre-filter which captures larger particles that would otherwise impede the air flow through the filter.  The Air Quality Association states that HEPA air filters remove dangerous contaminates from the air by moving through them. Thus, making your home’s indoor air much safer to breathe.  HEPA filters are also one of the most affordable air purification systems available on the market today.

One thing HEPA air filters are particularly useful for is removing pollen, mold and other harmful toxins from the air.  Medical institutions have been using these since the 1940s to assist with the prevention of the spread of viral and / or bacterial diseases.  In order for this air purification system to work optimally the filters be clean and allow unrestricted airflow through the heating and air conditioning system.

Tips for HEPA Filters

When replacing your HEPA filter you should always wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after removing the filter from your system. This will limit your exposure to many viruses and bacteria that the old HEPA filter captured.  If the relative humidity in the air is above 90% then you should turn off your filtration system as high levels of humidity can adversely affect the filter.

Summary of Benefits

  • HEPA filters are great at cleaning the indoor air.
  • HEPA filters also avoid potentially costly repairs. Clogged filters can end up overheating the furnace, which will shut the entire system down. In an air conditioning system, a dirty filter increases the potential frequency of the need for air conditioning service as well as lowers the life expectancy of the system.

If filters are not replaced frequently they will end up becoming dirty and clogged which will allow contaminates into your heating and cooling system. It will also allow your home to be filled with dust and other contaminates. To make matters worse it will decrease the efficiency of your system as it builds up on the evaporator coil. By investing in better filters you will end up saving money in the long run as well as extending your HVAC systems life span.

Not all systems draw enough air effectively through a HEPA filter so you must check with your manufacturer if you are unsure if your current system can utilize the benefits of the filter.

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